Blizzard Unveil Next World of Warcraft Expansion

From Blizzcon comes the official announcement of a new chapter in the World of Warcraft saga, Mists of Pandaria. It’s the game’s fourth expansion following last year’s Cataclysm, and with it comes a slew of new features for both veterans and newcomers, expanding the virtual realm of Azeroth even further.


Players will be able to roam the Eastern-themed continent of Pandaria, the expansion also unlocking the Pandaren (essentially panda-like humanoids) as a playable race and even an all-new class, the monk. For the first time World of Warcraft will feature a neutral race, Pandaren characters having to ability to side with either the Horde or Alliance. In addition, Mists of Pandaria raises the current level cap to 90 too, ushering new in-game elements including a pet battle system, PvE “Scenarios” and more.

Update: More details on the Pandaren and Monk for you. Pandaren can play as all classes, bar Death Knight, Druid (makes sense really) and Warlock. Goblins and Worgen won’t be able to select the Monk class, which has three specs: Brewmaster (tank,) Mistweaver (healer/fighter,) and Windwalker (melee DPS.) The class is very martial arts-oriented doing away with Mana and replacing it with Chi which powers a number of unique actions. It has also been revealed that Monk players can’t use auto-attack, all abilities requiring player input.



  1. Looks a lot like Kung Fu Panda…

    • My thoughts exactly. But I kind of recall a Pandaren already existing in WoW in one of the main Burning Crusade area of markets and teleports – it’s been a long time so I’ve forgotten any names but I do remember large pandas guarding an area like a bank.

  2. Who lives in the east ‘neath the willow tree?

    Looks like the rumors where bang on about this.

  3. I want to get back into WoW but I gave up when my lvl 60 (i think) blood elf paladin was lost. Basically someone took me into like the games biggest city (been a while since I played it) and it just crashed. That character doesn’t load anymore, the overcrowded city must have overloaded my cramped computer. My only option left was to make a new character, as Blizzard ignored my multiple forum posts, and that wasn’t happening. Haven’t bern back since. Shame really as I hardly even got into the games core.

    • Aren’t all MMO character files stored on the servers? Your PC crash shouldn’t corrupt a server file.

      • Must be my connection then failing to handle so many people. And I don’t think its corrupt, just that it crashes everytime I try to load that character, as hes still in the worlds biggest city. I should really try again but then i’d risk a sub.

      • It just sounds like your PC/network can’t handle all those peeps. If you have a new one now and you want to play again it will probably work fine.. Since Shattrath isn’t very populated anymore.

  4. This just seems really goofy than anything else. I’m finding it hard to take this seriously… >_>

    • Yeah.. Pandamen.. really? There’s going to be Panda-monium over this.. ha.. ha..

  5. Someone >.> made a pretty funny video with a new and improved trailer.

  6. I like the looks of this, its different. But I can see myself enjoying this new race, class and zone. Plus levelling my 85 up, looking forward to this, hopefully don’t have to wait too long

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