Mario Kart 7 Detailed

Nintendo have fired over some details on the upcoming racer Mario Kart 7.

The press release mentions something called Communities, which looks like a being a way to group friends together “while setting up specific rules to make customised racing environments” – like clubs.  You can share Community stuff with others via StreetPass and there’ll be leaderboards too.


Controls were detailed – there’s no d-pad control (oddly) and it looks like if you want to play in first person (a new feature for the series) you’ll need to use gyro controls.  Nintendo – this is silly, please don’t let this be the case.

StreetPass features include automatic exchanges of racing scores, win/loss records and number of collected coins and SpotPass will allow the download of ghosts, which you can race against.  There’s also going to be a Mario Kart channel for the 3DS’ home screen, much like the one in the Wii version.

Finally – the good stuff.  Metal Mario’s back, and Lakitu joins the fun.  New weapons: Fire Flower and Super Leaf.  There’s going to 16 new tracks (including a DK themed one from Retro) and 16 old-school courses, including the brilliant Koopa Beach from Mario Kart 64 and the DS Luigi’s Mansion.

As an aside, in another press release from Nintendo they not only confirmed the early November firmware update (with the ability to take up to 10 minutes of 3D video) but also revealed that, via a free app on the eShop, there’s going to be private messaging between friends.

You can read our preview of Mario Kart 7 here.  The game’s out December 2nd.



  1. 7… seriously?

    • Just wait for 8 on the WiiU…

    • I thought exactly the same thing. If anything teaches us that we enjoy the same ol’ stuff repackaged it’s this. That and Ridge Racer and {fill in most other games}.

      Nintendo are masters of it. I’m not sure if it’s something to be proud of but it really does earn them a bucket-load of cash.

  2. So much promise with the hardware features, but there’s no need to mess about with a tried and tested formula. Mario Kart is among the best multiplayer fun you can have on any console, and was especially successful on the DS. The people who buy this game will expect little more than an update for their latest handheld.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to establishing just how much has changed in London in a week and a bit. Ninty always have the best games stand at MCM and this year is arguably their strongest yet.

  3. Tilt controll only, if that’s confirmed I’ll cancel mine now. I may not use the 3d setting but that will be a nightmare

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