Touch Junkies’ “Super Smoothies” Serving Soon

If you’ll indulge us a second, we’d just like to let you know that the game myself and Al have created is finally (finally) with Apple for review.  It’s been a long few months, and there’s been some (very) last minute changes, but we reckon what we’ve got is for the better.  We’ll have screenshots once the game is live on the App Store.

Our game is called ‘Super Smoothies‘ and it’s a fruit mixing game.  Strawberries, bananas and blueberries can be blended up into different colour combinations depending on what’s required for each particular level, and it’s all against a timer.  Tap to drop a fruit, and then swipe to empty the smoothie glass.


Hopefully if Apple give us the nod, Super Smoothies will be released this weekend.  If you want more information, follow the Touch Junkies website at where we’ll be discussing level tactics, holding high score competitions and so on.  The game’s set to launch for 69p for iPhone (no Android version yet, sorry).

Sadly, there’s no huskies.  Maybe in an update, right?



  1. Yay! Shame I lost my Ipod.

  2. *sniggers* Touch Junk. ;)

    If i had the spare cash and the correct software, i would get it. But alas i don’t. :( Good luck with the release guys. :=)

  3. Sweet. I think it’s only fair that TSA’s iDevice-owning community pay you both back (just 69p!) for creating such a fantastic games site. :)

  4. Great stuff guys. Time to use up that last euro that’s been in my apple account for about a year – i’ll never buy credit for apps again so this will probably be my last ever app purchase! :)

  5. Was wondering what had happened. Hopefully I can get my hands on it this week :D

  6. Hang on this cant be a proper game.. no day one patch? No 64 digit code to enter just get a DLC blender? Pfft! U NOT DOIN IT RITE! :D

    • ALso what are the pre-order bonuses? :D

    • You forgot about the unesseccary MP, locking 10% of the game and i think the preorder bonuses are Tea and biscuits.

  7. So a name change then, no more Paint Factory ?

    • We had some last minute bugs that prompted a re-submission, and during that time found an existing (but different) game with a similar name and a concept that we thought suited it better – we went through a few ideas at the planning stages (including feeding a monster fruit) and pulled from these to rebuild the game. It’s been a very busy week trying to turn things around.

      • I’ll bet it’s been a nightmare !
        Sounds like the redisigns might have made it more open to a wider audience, always good. Looking forward to playing it, let’s see how far up the rankings we can get it ; )

  8. Sounds great! What happened to that football game though where we could have our names in it?

  9. Awesome. I’ll be expecting a review then.. :P unbiased of course!

  10. Nice, good luck with submission. I was wondering how this was coming along

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