Uncharted 3 – The Hero’s Journey Short Film

Our Uncharted 3 review goes live on Monday afternoon (spoiler: it’s quite a good game) but in the meantime check out this short film from Oscar winning director Ed Zwick featuring Amy Hennig and Nolan North.


It’s really just some talking heads, but we reckon it’s worth six minutes of your time.  Once you’ve watched it, let us know what you think…



  1. is this just an ad for the game?

  2. what a load of old shit, i mean does this sort of faux-inspirational advertising actually work? Doubt very much that it will make anyone buy the game that wouldnt of anyway.

  3. This is interesting, it’s okay.. Not going to make me buy a game though, and the heroic concepts and differences arguments and ideas are nothing new.

  4. It’s a game.
    A brilliant, fantastically enjoyable one. But still a game.
    The story writing is very good but hardly ground-breaking. A lot of the stuff has been done many times before, but not always as brilliantly as Naughty Dog seem to manage.

    This is a bit of a shame really. I wonder who suggested this would be a good idea? Naughty Dog; please don’t start taking yourselves so seriously!

  5. this isn’t exactly worth six minutes of my time :P

  6. Rodriguez(cool) & Kruger(hot) in new movie perhaps?

  7. no one is really watching this in mind that this is a project that they have been working on for a very long time its hard to please some people but you guys are taking the biscuit

  8. Its meant to show you how good these people are at creating a story (the story of Uncharted 3)

    how do you not get that?

  9. 1) That was a great video, applicable to all good movies and games, not just Uncharted. Can’t see why people are complaining.
    2) Did we just see a great possible Uncharted movie cast?
    Rockwell as Drake, Kruger as Elena, Rodriguez as Chloe?
    And Hounsou as… erm… I can’t remember any black Uncharted character’s name. There was definitely a few pirates/ mercenaries alright, he could be their leader answering directly to the main villain!

    • Eddy Raja..could well work XD

      • I suppose.
        But he’s Hispanic, not exactly black…
        Then again, the movie doesn’t really have to capture the look of a character, so long as we get the spirit of them.

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