Leaked 360 Battlefield 3 Hints At Game Length

[drop2]“Best FPS this GEN by far” says this guy, who’s happy enough admitting that he’s played through a – tut tut – pirated version of Battlefield 3.

So, whilst the rest the world is still waiting for the game – and that includes those of us that actually want to review it – people have already finished it.  Lovely.


“The environments, the gameplay, the graphics and especially the sound are simply amazing,” he says. “You truly feel like you’re in a warzone unlike the arcadey feel of COD. ”

Obviously, we can’t vouch for this chap’s enthusiasm, but it’s the game’s length that stands out – “6 – 7 hours” -which might be alright if it’s totally AAA quality and super shiny all the way through.  “You don’t understand the motives behind the main villain’s actions, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the events in the game,” continues the forum post.

“Its also unlike your typical US-made shooter in which the US military is invincible. You get to see your comrades get killed and their tanks/airplanes destroyed, like in a real war. I guess you have to be a Swedish dev to be able to pull that off.”


Reviews are expected tomorrow, although hopefully not ones subject to the same sort of questionnaire as some of the Norwegian sites were.  We aren’t expecting code before release, but we’ll be bombing through that campaign as quickly as we can do.



  1. Looks like I will be reading a fair amount tomorrow then. Doesn’t Uncharted 3 review embargo end tomorrow as well?

    • yep, 5pm.

      • Really looking forward to the review, hope theres no hints!
        I might actually skip the review until after I’ve finished it myself!

      • There’s next to no spoilers, don’t worry.

      • Presumably TSA’s UC3 review won’t have any spoilers in it cos I’m sure others out there will. Agree with you though Shep, may just skip them all altogether.

      • There was probably more spoilers in the launch trailer.

      • I’ll be skipping all uc3 reviews intill I’ve Finnished the game, all I need to know is its very very good. which I’m certain it will be :)

    • I will probsbly just look at the scores, don’t want a singel tiny thing spoiled :), Have only watched the the reveal trailer.

  2. If Korea plays nice (and no rules are broken) I’ll be playing tomorrow evening :)

  3. 6-7 hours to him could easily be 8-9 hours to somebody else, so while it sounds like it’s of a similar length to Call of Duty, I’ll wait until I’ve played it myself.

  4. Find it hard to believe how they have got their hands on the game already, even pirated. The reviews are without a doubt going to be good…

    • The 360 version was leaked to the warez scene on the 22th. 360 games are normally leaked a week before.

    • Yeh 360 games are leaked pretty early especially in Asian countries. My friend got a copied version of Black Ops for his 360 over a week early.

  5. 6-7 hours? Fine with me, if the MP has the longevity BC2 did (478 hours and counting).

    • hope to go few rounds with you again in hardcore mode… its still counts as a kill even we are on same team right?… maybe you could add me as friend as you deleted me AGAIN….. :)

  6. ahaha i love the caption to the picture !

  7. Why is it that people aren’t going ape shit on this game because it’s only 6 hours long??
    I swear if this were any other FPS (CoD, Killzone, Halo) then it would be receiving an insane amount of hate.

    • I think people are used to it at this stage.
      I guess there’s only so long a shooter can last without turning into a chore anyway.

      • Oh how I miss the days of real quality with games like half life 2. I also feel bf3 cannot get anything less than 100% if every negative can get dismissed so easily. I’m not too fussed about multiplayer so £40 for 6 hours of a game isn’t great. It’s interesting how so many people have put themselves on the line for how good this game will be that they will have a biased opinion whatever the quality. I just cannot justify £40 for 6 hours. Plants v zombies took me more than 6 hours and it cost 59p. And just because it is better than mw3 doesn’t make it acceptable. it’s as if that’s all people worry about. Even if it was released with a game breaking bug, so long as cod has 2 game breaking bugs we call all relax.

        Of course this guy is probably making it all up.

    • Because it’s Battlefield and it could shit on their mother and the rampant fanbase would still adore it.

      Providing it’s paced and done right, I don’t really mind smaller campaigns. I’d prefer a roller-coaster over 7 goes on the teacups.

    • I’m a bit disappointed, not surprised though, and personally I’m far too tired to go ape shit.

  8. http://youtu.be/nQR49JGySTM
    follow the link for a teaser for the gadget show channel 5 uk. 8pm tomorrow. They are playin bf3 in the best fps simulator

  9. Gutted there aren’t any dinosaurs.

  10. online reviews ? lol i only go by the official playstation magazine reviews. they are all ways right. online reviews by nobodies ? no thanks

    • lol, that’s right, get all your reviews from something sponsored by Playstation, they’re sure to have an unbiased honest opinion, rather than the ‘nobodies’ that review games online. Are you serious?

      • i think it may have been sarcasm ? not entirely sure (we really need a sarcasm button im finding it more and more prevalent here…)

      • you might be right… Hope it was, and my apologies if it was also

      • i sincerely hope its sarcasm as well :P

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