Meet the Reader: MtMannion

Right, it’s time to ask you what your favourite game of all time is?

I recently made a statement on twitter that Professor Layton and the Unwound Future was my favourite game ahead of Majora’s Mask, although I got a 3DS recently so I’m going to have to say Ocarina of Time. Never got past the kid stage on the N64 so at least I can say I’ve played it now.

So you like the point and click or puzzle based style game?
Absolutely love them. I’ve played all the Layton games and that one really caught my Heart like no other game has. Simply magical. When I played World of Warcraft I had an add on so while I was playing Warcraft I could play Peggle and Bejeweled inside the game. Game-ception.

Never played Monkey Island, though.

Game-ception indeed. You should grab ScummVM or some of the recent re-released point & click games that are floating about the place. It would feel rather self serving to link and mention my Broken Sword post at this point… So I will!

I’ll have a look at ScummVM for sure!

I always like to ask what the most embarrassing game you’ve played it? Or perhaps it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure?

I suppose Warcraft could fit into both of those categories! I still play Pokémon when it comes out on my DS. Thats really tough actually, don’t think I’ve ever played a bad game either considering I’m a stickler for research. Nope, can’t think of anything!

I guess telling us about Magic the Gathering means you have no shame either.

Easy tiger.

What games are you most looking forward to in the near future?

Well, despite being in the Alpha and Beta for Battlefield 3 I don’t plan on getting the game on release due to bills and everything meaning I’m not sure where my money is at the moment. Can’t really think of any other game I’ve got marked before the end of the year. Guild Wars 2 can’t come soon enough however.

When is Guild Wars 2 supposed to hit? Actually, I don’t think I even know what it is! Sounds like an RPG, though.

Its a MMORPG thats on a “done when it’s done” basis. 2012 is currently the release window, but thats a bit too vague for me.

I assume you played the original quite a bit for it to be on your list without even a real release date!

Lets just say my first year of A-Levels didn’t go as planned.

Don’t tell that to the mainstream press! Speaking of press, how did you first come across TSA?

I can’t remember really, was probably shown to me by someone else. But with a site like TSA once you start following the writers on Twitter and enjoying the great coverage you just get sucked in really.

You have done your bit to get involved with the community. Didn’t you set up the Steam TSA group?

Sure did, mostly stemmed from Left 4 Dead 2 hilarity with you guys. We just passed 100 members in the past fortnight but with PC gaming its hard to find a game the majority have and try and start something with it.

Yeah, the only sure fire hit I can think of was Left 4 Dead 2, which had regular games for a good few months.

Yeah, think there was a night a couple of days ago when everyone was playing but people are busier these days I suppose.

Is there a favourite front page feature that you hold dear to your heart?

Meet the Reader is pretty good! I’m a fan of the Massive Polls though. Although I don’t have any quibbles with stuff like “First Purchaser” passes and stuff. Cue the pitchforks!

You don’t? Can I ask why not?

I bought Madden NFL 11 last year as pre-owned and the code was used. For the price of the code compared to a new copy I was paying more for the used copy and a new code than an actual new copy. So for my money Game got £35 and EA got £7. I’m all for this being a way for publishers and developers to claim a little back and while I can see the gripes of people with the amount of companies going under it seems that the little £4 code could save a lot of places. Every little helps.

Are we at the end already? It seems I’ve run out of questions, with the sole exception being which you would Snog, Civil Partnership and Smother out of Peter, Lewis and Kris?

I won a DVD from them on the Podcast once! I don’t really know much about Lewis so I suppose I’d have to Smother him, snog Kris and Civil Partnership with Peter. I bet Kris is a good snog.

Well he’s been married several times, so he must be doing something right! Do you have any final words for the readers?

Well good luck to all of them, oh and follow me on twitter: @mtmannion. Nothing like shameless self promotion right?

Thanks to MtMannion for doing this week’s Meet the Reader, who will it be next week? Even I don’t know yet!

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  1. Hello!!

  2. Hi. Really didn’t understand Magic The Gathering :S Very cool indeed that your designing an open wheel race car :)

  3. But the real question is, is it an African or European Swallow? :P
    I really envy your Uni course, if I was any good at maths, that would definitely be the thing I would be doing.
    Nice to meet you anyway! :)

    • i got onto my course without any maths a level. One of our modules for our first semester was pretty much A level maths however.

  4. I tried the demo of Magic, but no matter how much I tried, I could not win, ever. Suppose I was just a n00b and didn’t know how the game worked properly. lol :P
    I’m quite jealous of the open wheel racer project, wish I could do something like that, but I don’t think my uni does it, not like they’d let someone doing natural history photography on it anyway!

    • anyone on any course can join Formula Student. Thats what they told us! :)

  5. Still haven’t managed to run into you in Hatfield yet :P

    • If i get drunk enough ill visit you in your chip shop :D

  6. Magic: The Gathering is an awesome game, hammered it on PS3 with DJ-Katy, and as we were about equal in skill it was always fun.
    Magic 2012 was pretty good as well, both enjoyable games.
    Also, nice to meet you! :)

  7. Mannion!!! Awesome stuff. Thanks for popping into the odd Left 4 Dead 2 games. Was always a pleasure. Lovely article, guys, and great to know a bit more about this man of (partial) mystery. ;)

  8. Haha that picture of Mannion is awesome! Good article as well, as usual. Meet the reader’s always awesome =D

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