Battlefield 3 Reviews Are In

I’ve given up moaning now about Battlefield 3 – it’s clear that unless EA thought you were happy enough to run a review from (the obviously superior) PC version, you weren’t getting a review copy.

Still, that hasn’t stopped lots of sites going live with reviews this morning, and – unsurprisingly – they’re all rather highly scored.


Those are some great scores, but it’s worth noting a common complaint – that the single player is ‘Lackluster’ (1UP) and ‘feels like a different game’ (IGN) – naturally it’s the multiplayer that people are buying this game for, and it’s clear that was DICE’s focus.

We’ll look forward to reviews of the console versions rolling in.




  1. Shame the campaign seems to let the overall package down, from the millions of teasers we’ve seen it looked quite cinematic like CoD, especially after yesterday’s leak in a forum from a gamer/fanboy/PR guy.

  2. Worries me that sp feels like a different game to mp. That was ny major gripe with medal of honour, as I said in weview. Also the fact they’re all reviews based on pc build, I’ll hold out for ps3 reviews I think.

  3. Not a surprise to hear the single player is crappy. It wouldn’t be a battlefield game if it wasn’t ;)

    • I liked BC1 (although I seem to be the only one) and BC2’s campaigns. They weren’t as good as MW1’s but I enjoyed them far more than MW2 and BlOps campaigns. I didn’t particularly enjoy Medal of Honor’s though, there just was much storey behind it, just a series of missions. I hope BF3’s campaign doesn’t make the same mistake.

      • Yeah, I found that about MoH, OK gameplay that was solid but thoroughly unspectacular. Although that’s also how I feel about other products DICE has made or had a hand in, solid, difficult to fault but unspectacular.

      • I enjoyed BC1. Loved the humour. Gutted most of it was missing from BC2

      • I loved the humour too(bc1). Wot haggard would say used to crack me up!!!

  4. Still looking forward to this I’m sure sp will be great. I even enjoyed the bc2 campaign and that was viewed as not being that good. Yes MP will bee where I spend most time. Just need to find time to split gaming between this and uc3. Thank goodness for the uc3 mp experience with ps plus that gives me a slight lead so can hit this later on.

    • Let me add im also looking forward to the CO-OP (10 missions I believe)

  5. The gap between single player and multiplayer does seem to be widening, especially for FPSs, to the point where I will not be surprised to see a game where the two are developed completely independently soon

    • That’s what happened with Medal of Honor and Bioshock 2, wasn’t it?
      It worked ok until there were differences in control feels in MOH.

    • No better reason to separate the damn thing out and give us SP fans the chance to buy it at a reduced cost. Same goes for Activision’s efforts.

      • Would be awesome to buy and download the online component, would make joining a friend much easier.

  6. though its true i have pretty much only really ever bought battlefield for its multiplayer aspect, it is also a major fact for me personally that at £40 to buy new at least £25 – £30 worth of that price tag should be dominated by the single player campaign, i dont believe i should be paying £40 if the single player seems to have been forgotten about and multiplayer takes center stage.

    • It depends entirely for me which i think i will spend most time on – I would agree with you about the singleplayer aspect on most games, but i know for a fact that once i have BF3 i will mainly spend some time jumping in & out of games with the multitude of friends that have told me that they are also geting it! So i think that for me (in this case at least) the singleplayer will be mostly forgotten about & multiplayer will indeed rule.

      Plus, as was mentioned above, BC2’s campaign isn’t exactly highly regarded, but i actually quite enjoyed it so i am not personally worried about quibbles of a ‘lacklustre campaign’.

    • But you’ve only ever bought a bf game for mp.

    • I’m the exact opposite of you and agree completely. Give the consumer the choice to buy SP, MP or SP&MP. I truly believe they’ll make more money. I have a handful of friends who’ve still not picked up MW2 and Black-Ops on the PC because they only want the SP component (me included).

      • That would be a great idea, because with this game I find myself in the position where I want to play the SP game on PC (where it will look its best), but MP on PS3 (where my online gaming tends to be).. As its stands, I’m just going to have to pick a format and stick with that.

  7. I’ll be getting it either way and will probably only touch the SP when MP is down or something. Some of the vids of PS3 conquest footage looks superb

  8. Not buying it. The 30Hz framerate on the beta on consoles did my head in.

  9. Cannae wait to get my hands on this towards the end of the week. I am mostly looking forward to the campaign though. I love the modern war settings. Hoping this will arrive on wednesday or thursday.

  10. Oooooh that’s not good to hear they are continuing with this different single player experience to multiplayer….that was my huge problem with MoH also, and to be honest the beta just felt like that mixed in with BC2 :S

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