Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review (PS3)

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Uncharted 3 review

When Naughty Dog do all-out action, they do it with such flair and confidence that you cannot help but be mesmerised, but it’s the way that cut-scenes (both pre-rendered and realtime) are integrated into the gameplay that impresses the most.  They never take you far away from the game but help to set the scene quickly and fluidly, and it’s a constant surprise when you’re handed back control, the protagonists idleing waiting for your input.  Uncharted regulars will be all too aware of this, of course, but the boosted visuals really do take your breath away sometimes.


Sure, it’s not all plain sailing and perfection, but the niggles – bullet sponges, a dash of repetition and a couple of gaping plot holes and bizarre decisions – amount to little more than minor issues, never threatening to spoil what is otherwise an overwhelmingly flawless single player experience that’s second to none on the console.  The campaign, which runs to around ten hours on Normal, is a thrill from start to finish and one that certainly warrants a second playthrough (hardcore Drake fans will be happy that Crushing returns) after you’re done.  To put it simply – there hasn’t been a better single player game for years, and that’s not even mentioning the rest of the game.

Indeed, whilst Multiplayer is the star of the show after you’re done with Drake’s latest, the welcome addition of co-op – especially one that’s just as playable split screen as it is over the internet – is a really smart move by the developers. There’s some old ground here (literally) but it’s always fun to ramp up the difficulty and slog it out with a mate as you battle against the AI.  Again, I don’t want to ruin the fun by listing the various levels on offer, but let’s just say there’s some inspired choices.

Naughty Dog proved with Uncharted 2’s multiplayer that treasure hunting, crotch thrusting, and snappy dialogue could not only conjure up one of the most-acclaimed singleplayer experiences, but a stellar online diversion too. Uncharted 3’s online multiplayer is essentially a refinement of its predecessor, adding a new gallery of weapons, perks and cinematic backdrops – with the occasional new feature for a more unique and well-rounded venture. It may only have a handful of game modes, but unlike other online shooters you will find yourself playing all of them instead of sticking to your Team Deathmatches, occasionally opting for something a little more objective.

[drop]Plunder makes a triumphant return, standing in as a capture the flag variant in which the target objective can be thrown from player to player and even used as a weapon.  Aside from your regular free-for-all, “hardcore” and TDM game types, Uncharted 3 also ushers in Team Objective mode. In a similar fashion to Killzone 3’s Warzone, matches are divided into several phases with the first team to successfully complete three being crowned as the winners. Objectives are cycled into the game with a bit of variation including King of the Hill, Marked Man and Deathmatch.

Character customisation has been given a revamp with players now able to adjust the appearance of Uncharted’s iconic heroes and villains. Boosters now have a second tier and weapons can also be optimised using a number of modifications to suit your play-style. One of our favourite inclusions in Uncharted 3’s multiplayer has to be the Medal Kickback mechanic, rewarding skilled players with item drops and temporary buffs, from RPGs to increased speed and carpet bombs to corrosive projectiles. Multiplayer is great fun, and will surely carry the game on long after the single player is done and dusted.

So, Uncharted 3. It’s been a long time coming, but rest assured it’s an absolute triumph.  Bordering on being the perfect example of the genre, Naughty Dog’s latest adventure showcases striking developer talents against a console that surely must be at its peak now.  The story’s great fun, the visuals are the best I’ve seen the PS3 kick out and the overall package is superb value for money – this is one of those games that only come around every few years, and if you miss out on Drake’s Deception in favour of anything else this season, you’re missing out on a real treat.  Gamers have never had it so good.


  • Amazing graphics and sound throughout
  • Sublime, pitch perfect blend of action and adventure
  • Wonderful voice acting and superb musical score
  • Huge multiplayer sections
  • Genuinely funny, touching and endearing at times


  • Some of the puzzles are too easy and quickly cast aside
  • A few minor sticking points and bugs

There’s no question here: this isn’t just the best Uncharted game Naughty Dog have made, it’s probably the best PlayStation 3 game anyone has made – and I’m not sure what other praise I can offer.  Understand this: I’ve had such an entertaining experience with Drake’s latest epic that I’m actually struggling to think of any sections I didn’t actually like – and because of that it’s something that I’d encourage everyone to play, regardless of what your tastes might be, so refined is the whole package.  A brilliant, brilliant single player, enjoyable co-op and a multiplayer that’ll last for months if not longer.

What’s not to like?

Score: 10/10

Thanks to Jim Hargreaves for his assistance with this review.

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  1. What’s not to like?

    My wallet hates you & Naughty Dog equally.
    Can’t wait.

    • Mine hates them more…I bought the Explorer Edition!

  2. OH man CHAPTER 2! I want to play chapter 2!!! Just a shame that I have to wait until the 4th (payday) to get this!

    • The 4th? Not too far, I have to wait till the 9th… of DECEMBER. D:

      • I have no money but f**k it I’m going to get it next month ;)

      • I’m going to have to wait till after xmas so feel sorry for me.

      • That sucks, I wish you luck :P

      • suddenly the 4th doesnt seem too bad! ;) plus im only playing £6 cash for it. Got a mates discount and HMV credit. Nice!

    • Oh man, this game is totally buying a PS3… again!

      • worth* damn you overexcitement!

      • You sold a PS3? What you been doing instead? Don’t tell me that you have been putting up with inferior substitute games and online fees?

      • After Ps2 I guess I just burnt out. The new generation of gaming doesn’t really do it for me. I actually owned 3 PS3’s which I sold. I bought one when MGS4 came out, then KZ2 and KZ3.

      • yeah I found the PS2 dull in its last years before PS3, same again with PS3 and sometimes with pc, you do feel burned out, nothing to really play.

        All the industry needs is something exciting… like what Monster hunter did for PSP and Japan. If there was a open-world RPG – expansive as Skyrim or Cyrodil where friends could go on quests together like a band of heros on a might quest to prevent evil. Shooters to little to provide such dreams…. since not everyone wants to kill random human..

  3. Awesome review, fella. I’m sitting here stunned at your superlatives dripping from every paragraph.

    For me, Uncharted 2 was the pinnacle of interactive entertainment and for Drake’s Deception to come along and trump that so conclusively is a lesson to the entire industry.

    Naughty Dog… you are incredible.

  4. All I can say is thank Odin for that!
    I was genuinely concerned some crushing game breaker was going to spoil the game I’ve looked forward to more than any other this generation.
    This sounds like everything I hoped for and more! Great review Alex. You sound the way I felt after U2 which fills me with joy!

    BTW, do you have to complete Hard to unlock Crushing or does Normal do it?

  5. so… fairly average then?

    • Like your face.

      • @Colossalblue – Did you hear, bunimomike likes your face.

      • If there was a lick button I’d so hit that.

      • He wants to lick it

      • And hit (on?) you.

      • He is very tame then. Usually he drugs his victims and i can’t finish this sentence as it would get me banned for saying it. :p

  6. My ban on not buying new games and saving money will be lifted for this. Loved the other 2 Uncharted’s and this sounds evem better. Not arsed about the online multiplayer at all but the single player campaign will keep me entertained.

  7. Cracking review just makes me want this game right now, dare I say it more than BF3 & MW3 (only reason I say this is because I get more replayability (is that even a word?) out of the FPS’s)
    Anyone else feel the need to run through U1 & 2 before they get this?

    • I know what you mean but I actually don’t, purely because the stories are so good that I can still vividly remember the details of both games from the few playthroughs I have done on them. I don’t think that is true of any other game series.

      • Is it because you have to run through each of the games at least twice for the platinum? :)

      • Three times each. Once to unlock Crushing, once on crushing and once on easy just pissing about and finding treasures.
        I never got bored of them though which says it all.

      • I played the first one three times (once pre-trophy patch, once again when the trophies were patched in, & one final time on hard to unlock crushing), but crushing was owning me on the fourth run through, so I gave up. Figured 3 times through a game was enough for me & sod the platinum! So I know where you are coming from.

        Interestingly enough though, I am yet to finish the second one. I know it’s a much better, much more rounded experience, but for some reason I just don’t get the urge to play it.

        I know, I don’t understand it myself.

    • Yep, I feel like I want to go through UC2 again to refresh my memory. Really excited for Uncharted 3.

      • same here. Feel like going through 1 and 2 again right now. Well at least “Desperate times” chapter on UC2. Best level I have ever played on a game.

      • remind me what happens in that chapter? I cant remember

      • When they are on the rooftops and the helicopter is chasing them down. The building starts to collapse and tilt in the middle of a gun fight :) Just after the Marco….Polo swimming pool gag.

      • oh yes, what a section. My face is the train though! Epic

      • my fave, MY FAVE!, not my face :S

      • lol, “my face is the train”. Equally as good a section.

    • Yes, definitely. I haven’t tried the hard difficulties on the others yet, so this seems like the perfect time to do so.

  8. Next week can’t come soon enough. Brilliant review and congrats to Naughty Dog once again.

  9. Fantastic review! I don’t think i’ve been this excited for a game in a very long time.

  10. This’ll make me question my Online Pass boycott, grrr…

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