IGN & Multiplay Bringing IGN Pro League To The UK

IGN has just announced that it will be collaborating with Multiplay to bring the IGN Pro League to the UK.  The IPL launched earlier this year and has been steadily growing in the US, with the last IPL final livestream, IPL3, getting 120,000 steady views.

General Manager of E-Sports & Vice President of Research & Development at IGN, David Ting says:


“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with the experienced team at Multiplay, as we launch our first ever European IPL 4 regional.  Multiplay has championed LAN gaming for over a decade, and together we can help grow e-sports internationally, fostering a new generation of e-sports stars through regional IPL tournaments.”

The first IPL regional tournament is being held at Multiplay’s Insomnia44 event, November 18th to 20th,  where entrants will compete against each other on Starcraft II. The winner of the tournament will receive £10,000 in prize money and the opportunity to compete in the IPL4 finals in the US in March 2012. The rules to qualify for the tournament will be released by IGN soon.

If you’re not going to Insomnia44, you can watch a live stream of the tournament which will be hosted by TotalBiscuit and dApollo.

Source: Press Release/Multiplay


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