inFamous: Festival of Blood Gets a Launch Trailer

What’s that? inFamous 2 wasn’t enough for you? You’re wanting vampires now? Well that’s ridiculous. In fact, it’s so ridiculous that Sucker Punch actually went ahead with it – and it’s on the EU store tomorrow.

It’s on the US store today, for the reasonable price of $9.99. And the launch trailer makes it look quite brilliant, with what looks like a stack of new powers for the now electric-charged vampire, Cole McGrath.



  1. Ahhhhh so BEFORE inFamous 2 endings then :P Must say I’m getting VERY excited for this. May purchase ^^

  2. I’m happy it’s a standalone package.

  3. Defo it looks amazing. I love infamous!

  4. Shame i’ve got no money in my account. May pick up a card when i get Uncharted next week.

  5. That actually looks pretty cool (as a non-infamous fan) glad they opted not to do zombies like every bloody other developer :P

  6. Still need to get Infamous 2 :-(

  7. Still not played infamous 2!!
    Another game I really need to pick up :) loved the first one!

  8. WOW $9.99 is a STEAL!!!!

    • Just saw that Psn + members gets an discount :D (Well in US but hopefully over here too)

  9. It looks good. Although a electirfying vampire will probably be unstoppable. I’m glad that they didn’t use Zombies as it would be too easy to kill. For example, oh no, big horde of zombies are coming towards me, if only i could jump onto that ledge and summon an ionic storm.

    I wonder how pissed off Cole will get in this?

  10. Looks good.

    i am not a huge fan of InFamous 2 (i found it very dull) but i would not mind getting this.

    i do think a game like InFamous is funner in small portions so maybe this spin off DLC will taste better for me.

    also i need to do anything i can to forget about uncharted 3 for the next 9 days……

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