Arkham City Nightwing DLC Trailer is Electrifying

Oh man, I made a terrible pun in the headline. Do you get it? Electrifying… because he’s got electrified escrima sticks!

Now, where was I? Oh yes, this new video to publicise the rather splendid-looking Nightwing DLC for Batman: Arkham City has just landed on YouTube. It looks nice and dynamic with a good difference in combat style for the former Robin.


The DLC will be available and will cost 560MSP (roughly £4.80) on the 360 or £5.49 on the PS3 and give you the un-caped crusader to use in all the challenge rooms. You’ll also get the Animated Series skin thrown in.

Looks good to me, if a little pricey. It’s due to be available on the 1st of November.



  1. Everybody loves Dick….. Grayson

    • Something’s in the water at TSA today.

      • Is it chlorine?

      • Ah, i may have accidentally spilt something that i was working on into TSA’s water supply which may have had certain affects on TSAers. :p

  2. I really think its a piss take to release DLC so soon after the release of a game

    • It’s pretty much just a character model to do challenges though – This kind of thing i don’t really have a problem with. If you don’t want it, simply don’t buy it as it won’t affect the core experience.

      Ripping out parts of the singleplayer game to sell on as seperate is pushing it a bit though…

      • Forrest, what makes you think Catwoman is part of the singleplayer game?

      • The fact it was pretty much marketed as such wuntun, for months before it was released.

      • Because she is – She represents 10% of the singleplayer game (apparently) & was repeatedly flaunted as a game feature in order to get people interested.

        Not gonna get into this debate again, as it’s been done to death recently, but the way it was handled all felt very underhanded.

      • @Forrest


  3. I’d quite like to play as Robin, but this looks cool, if a little pricey as you said.

    On a seperate note, am I the only person who prefers the Combat Challenges to the Predator Challenges? Just wondering.

    • oh my god, Predator Challenges are rubbish. maybe I’m rubbish at them or something, but it is too dull waiting for thugs to be in the right place.

      Combat Challenges are the awesomest. also, Catwoman needs way more moves!! like, Batman levels of moves.

      • Yes! A like-minded person.

        Awww, come ere…

  4. Not sure I’m ready for this yet, still getting to grips with the main game.

  5. Since i’m not a hardcore Batman fan, i won’t be getting this but i can see the hardcore Bat fans picking up this Bat DLC for that Bat game.

    If B:AC was a small game, i would accuse Rocksteady of cutting it out, but since B:AC is a big game, i won’t. :)

    • I am a hardcore Batman fan, not getting the DLC Steven….

  6. fun.. but why is it more expensive on the PS3? Not cool not by much, but still.

  7. Anyone know whether the Tim Drake Robin skin and/or the Dark Knight skin will be available to people who didn’t pick up the steelbook edition?

  8. Ooooooooo wow looks really good.

  9. Talk about ripping off Batman fans. It’s parents with kids that are Batman fans I feel most sorry for with pricing like this.

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