Battlefield 1943 Missing From PS3 Battlefield 3

Way back at E3 earlier this year, Sony announced that PlayStation 3 copies of Battlefield 3 would come with a free copy of Battlefield 1943. That offer seems to have been quietly withdrawn.

PlayStation 3 copies of EA’s latest blockbuster shooter (we’re still waiting to hear if review code exists, worryingly) don’t seem to have the historical freebie anywhere in sight.


The Battlefield Twitter account has tried to claim that the recently announced week-long PlayStation 3 exclusivity deal for DLC is in lieu of the promised free game but that was announced at the end of September without reference to the now-removed 1943.

Do you care that you’re not getting the content you were promised? Is an extra week of DLC access on the PS3 really equivalent to a whole free game packed in?

I’m not sure that people will miss Battlefield 1943 too much with the multiplayer side of Battlefield 3 at their disposal but I do think that both EA and Sony should have been more up front and transparent about the removal of the offer.

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  1. My typo-sense is tingling:
    “Sony announced that PlayStation 3 copies of Battlefield 1943 would come with a free copy of Battlefield 1943” – Or were they offering some weird BOGOF deal?

    • Haha – I was just about to point out the same thing!

      Wouldn’t be much good as a BOGOF though, as both copies would probably be tied to one user! XD

      Seriously though, If it was offered at the start then they should either honour it or say officially that it isn’t the case anymore, not just try & sweep it under the carpet. the trouble with us gamers is we tend to be quite sharp when it comes to this sort of thing – Years of gaming has honed our skills & we do tend to pick up on stuff like this!

      Additionally, i would say that freebies are nice, but only when useful. I don’t think i would ever even boot up 1943 if i had BF3 sat there if i am entirely honest.

      • I would definitely have booted it up. This has really pissed me off. The replacement of a week early DLC is absolutely no f**king use. I probably wouldn’t get it anyway, and who the hell gives a flying f**k if it’s earlier by a week than 360. Sorry.

    • oops. Serves me right for writing up news before my third cup of coffee…

    • Whoa, i had to read this three times to get it.

  2. I imagine it really only important to Battlefield fans, most of which would have gotten 1943 ages ago. It made no difference to me.

  3. I already have 1943 so I actually prefer the new offer :)
    Selfishness aside, it’s a bit crap to go back on the offer but I doubt it will affect sales.

  4. The whole situation is a farce imo. BF3 is awful on consoles and this just rubs salt into the wound. EA have no chance of beating COD if they put out this shambles of a game. DICE should know better.

    • Surely your trolling, considering its 99.9% certain you haven’t actually played the game yet on any (totally based on the fact you said “IF they put this game out”)

    • Yeah, I’m interested to know on what your opinion of BF3 on consoles is based

    • Ha triolling cod fans, cant you just like both?… Suprisingly this ‘not getting a whole free game you were promised’ is being taken much better than the batman thing. I dont care had 1943 (if you didnt FOR SHAME) so the new offer is better for me.

      • Same, most people who like Battlefield already have this, right?

      • Unfortunately, i don’t as i only recently got into them after playing BC2.

        Shame of course, but i won’t be losing any sleep over it.

    • Obviously EA can’t beat the MP of COD. BF3 will never be as smooth as COD on consoles hence why COD just outsells BF by sooo much on consoles.

      • couldn’t resist could ya :P

      • BF3 isn’t even out yet Awayze and although it is likely COD will outsell BF3 that would be more due to the wider audience COD has achieved the past few years.

        Also, I wouldn’t want to mistake your opinion of COD having a better MP or your opinion of BF3 never being as smooth (I’m aware of the FPS difference) as COD with actual fact.

        Your comments on BF3 can often come across very much like you’re just bashing BF3 as you are a big COD fan which is a real shame as on other stories your comments don’t lower themselves to that level. Please keep the BF3 vs COD flaming thing away from here!

      • Just because you have a preferance doesn’t mean you are fanboy to the competitor, its 1 thing i notice on TSA. Anything gets bashed and everybody screams fanboy. I hate Battlefield, the online is shoddy when you compare it to CoD, its like going to a good or bad fish and chip shop, its the same thing just one is done better, so why bother with the other? Obviously its a matter of opinion but it doesn’t mean im some die hard CoD fan.

      • @UKZ what are you on about? maybe try and use full stops to make it easier for people to read?. take ag’s comment for example, lots of nice clean paragraphs with proper punctuation.

        oh and like i said in a previous comment, awayze just trolls everything to do with battlefield.

      • @UKZ Yep, good point, I agree. But then if you preferred a different chip shop you wouldn’t then keep going to the other chip shop and telling it how the other one is much better because that would be rude. It’s the quantity that is usually the issue that is brought up here on TSA.

      • It seems odd now theres “fanboys” on games there diff games and in all honest mw2 was smooth on consoles black ops ran like dog shite and was graphically impaired to do so. Will mw3 be any better who knows because its not out yet just like bf3 i for one hope there both fucking steller..

      • No Cod and chip jokes,c’mon people!:)

    • You know, trolling a game that you obviously know nothing about makes you sound really pathetic.

  5. Would people really play BF1943 that much anyway, with BF3 disc sitting nicely inside the PS3 I doubt they would.

    • I would. I don’t plan on play BF3 forever, will properly sell it after a month, so I was looking forward to trying BF1943 after I was done with BF3. Guess not anymore. Dickish move by EA.

      • I would be very surprised if its much more than £5 on the PSN, it was only £10 when it was released and that was about 2 years ago. Saying that, PSN pricing is totally unpredictable, its probably gone up in price ;-)

      • Indeed – Going by some pricing on the store, it’s probably £50 now. Sorry, £47.99.

  6. I decided to give both this and MW3 a miss, and pick up this later when it’s cheaper. This is pretty devious, it really is quite dishonest of Sony and EA not telling us and just hoping everyone forgot and ignoring it. I will probably just get this off ebay, if I even bother at all.

    I don’t give a toss about DLC exclusivity, being given a whole free game is much more likely to make me buy it.

  7. Im not fussed at all as I bought it when it was released. Cant really see many wanting to play that over BF3, but what do I know…. lol

  8. I’m glad its gone, I don’t want to accidently start it and polute my trophy list! Then I’d have to actually play it aswell :(

    • to be fair, the trophies were a piece of piss. I’m not a massive fan of trophies and I got 100% in an afternoon or two. The most annoying one is something like, play 100 games or similar

      • You did 100 games in an afternoon? I salute you sir!

      • afternoon or two… ;) I was proper shit at this game so they weren’t very fun filled afternoons haha

      • Yeah alright, even so – the time would be better spent playing BF3 online ;)

  9. I’ve only played the trial for BF 1943, would have been a nice addition if it was included. Still I suppose who would wan’t to play it over BF3 MP? :P

    • Its worth buying maybe in quite feb? Really good game mate, shame youll miss out on it being free :-/

  10. Any BF fan worth his salt already has this . There seems to be a lot of negativity towards BF on my favourite website almost like you want it to fail , just give it your usual 8 and be done with it . Remember that Battlefield is about multiplayer and single player campaigns are almost of no interest to us until we lose internet connection or decide to be a completist and get all the offline trophies 12 months after buying the game !

    • It’s about the way EA handles it that causes the negativity..

    • I’m getting it for the single-player, and will probably barely touch the multiplayer.

      As for BF1943… bought it from the store ages ago and barely touched it, so no loss for me. Just hope the DLC is some single-player missions, or I probably won’t bother with it.

      • Sorry, it’s multiplayer expansions, not single-player as far as I know.

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