First WWE ’12 DLC Pack Revealed

THQ has announced the first DLC Pack for WWE ’12. It contains Shawn Michaels, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Jim Ross, and Michael Cole as playable characters. THQ will also release new costumes for Edge and Christian and The Road Warriors.

According to the official website, each DLC will be available shortly after the game launches on November 22nd for $0.99 (80 MS Points). THQ will once again offer a Fan Axxess Pass for $11.99 (960 MS Points) which guarantees every single piece of DLC at a reduced price.


Check out the videos below to see HBK, JR, and Michael Cole in action. It’s worth noting that HBK doesn’t have special entrance attire this year, which is a bit of a let down. I’m also worried about the move animations. Although it’s more realistic now, it does look a bit unpolished.

Source: THQ



  1. Just to drop a message toward THQ I hate your DLC
    Every WWE always the same charcters for DLC what the hell is up with that!?!?
    And who would play JR and Cole 0_e
    For all WWE Fans ignore DLC just go to creation and create them yourself no need for DLC ;)

    • Hehe agreed. I’ve only ever bought a couple of DLC wrestlers and that was only so I could get an accurate move list and theme music. Either way I’m really looking forward to this game!

  2. Can’t believe they still shrink the Wrestlemania set in these games to fit in the generic arenas. It looks wrong. Can’t they at least have a generic stadium to use for Wrestlemania?

    • Fingers crossed you can make your own this time around. I haven’t seen any actual footage of the ‘create an arena’ in action but I hear its pretty robust.

  3. I made up my mind last year that I’m never buying another wrestling game again, 2008 is my favorite so far, no mercy for 64 coming in at a close second!

  4. Who would want to play as JR and Micheal Cole? The last time JR tried to wrestle, he got his ass handed to him by Eric Bischoff. I could be wrong as it’s been a while since i have watched WWE(well, mainly the older stuff, Stone cold etc..).

    This is crap. I can tell that they have cut them out of the game to flog to us as DLC. I mean, why not include the Legends? E.g. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior etc.. The last WWE game i played was SVR 2010 and it was a bit naff. It’s gotten too serious and is not that fun anymore. I remeber when alternate customes had to be unlocked in the game not brought.

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