Ubisoft To Open Development Studio In Abu Dhabi

Ubisoft has unveiled plans to open a new studio in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

In a partnership with twofour54, the city’s Media Authority, the new studio – which will open in December – aims to create 100 new jobs in the area over the next 5 years as well as a twofour54 gaming academy to teach new talent.


Executive Director of Worldwide Studios, Christine Burgess-Quémard said:

“We are excited by the partnership with twofour54. Their commitment to developing a strong regional gaming industry and their knowledge of the region were the perfect foundation on which to continue building our development teams.

The demographics and the pool of skilled technical talent in the Middle East and North Africa region are key factors that will contribute to the success of this new studio.”

It’s a bold move by Ubisoft to open a studio in Abu Dhabi, which is criticised for gender inequality and poor treatment of workers.

David Borg of twofour54 said:

“The digital games played by Arabs have traditionally been developed outside the region, which means that they rarely have a direct relevance to Arab gamers.

Our agreement with Ubisoft will benefit the region in that it will enable the development of titles that resonate with the local population, whilst also building the skills of young Arabs to allow the region to create its own games and developing a gaming industry base here at twofour54.”

The new studio will  mean that Ubisoft will have presence in 17 countries, not including it’ subsidiaries. Abu Dhabi is the world’s richest city.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz



  1. How do you open a development studio in an Arsenal footballer?

    • Their defence is so bad at the moment you could probably open a shopping centre in their penalty area and they wouldn’t notice.

    • Planning permission must have been a nightmare.

  2. Games more revelant to Arab gamers… just some names popped up

    Please be careful not to offend someone’s race, faith or religion even if unintentional (AG)

    • Seriously…?

    • Unbelievable. You know, in the commenting policy, it specifically says you may not post comments “which may cause offence to others on grounds of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, faith or disability or any other grounds”.

  3. Don’t a lot of games get banned in Arab countries? Having a studio there could help Ubisoft get a good idea of how to design games to get around issues like that, which would be useful to allow more people to play their games. Hopefully they will also produce more scenarios that diverge from typical US cities and people and open up some more interesting locations/stories.

    Even if nothing new comes out of this, an expansion of a major publisher into new territory can’t be a bad thing.

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