Dead Island Dev Working On Downloadable Title

Ubisoft has recently been showing off a number of upcoming games for PSN and XBLA, one of which being “Project Haste,” developed by Dead Island studio, Techland.

Haste is a “fast-paced” ATV racing game focused on aerial tricks and heavy vehicle customisation, also sporting a hefty multiplayer component. Swapping makeshift machetes for a pair of handlebars isn’t as much of a departure for Techland than you’d think, having previously worked on first person offroader, Nail’d which Dan gave a generous 7 out of 10.


Project Haste is expected to launch in 2012 as well as a number of other Ubisoft titles including Shoot Many Robots, I Am Alive, and the newly announced Babel Rising, a console port of the popular iOS game which will support both Kinect and PlayStation Move.



  1. Maybe they should give out the promised DLC and fix the game they released in the first place?

    • Techland was probably working on Project Haste before wrapping up Dead Island but I totally agree. I still haven’t gone back to Dead Island since my 10 hour save file was corrupted and the DLC we were promised just after launch, like you say, still hasn’t got a verified launch date.

      • That’s awful, I’d be writing an angry letter right there… I noticed this game had another tv ad yesterday, found that pretty odd.. :s

    • I agree. This is no way to treat your customers.

      “Yeah, yeah, sure, we’re working on a patch,…”. More like grabbing the money & run.

  2. Techland are not the only one’s, pissed off with Crytek to after grinding through crysis 2 multiplayer getting every trophy + SP Campaign, the easiest trophy glithes, the “play online 6 months after first time” trophy, this has happened to 90% of people who have the game and Crytek wont fix it! denying us our plat!

    Ughh, so annoying!

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