Dead Rising OTR DLC Goes Robotic

Frank West’s return in Dead Rising: Off the Record is already a little bit mental. Capcom’s DLC aims to turn that lunacy up to eleven.

In this new video of their Cyber Skills DLC pack, Frank harnesses his inner T-800 and gets all cybernetic on some zombie hordes. Looks like fun, if you like that kind of thing.


The DLC pack is out now, priced at 160MSP or $1.99.

Source: CVG



  1. This looks quite, quite mental! :D

    Think i might play through the game normally before i start looking at any of this stuff though.

    • It takes a hell of a long time before it gets that entertaining.

      • Not really – If you make the most of your survivors, psychos & ‘attractions’ you can level up pretty quickly & have access to more speed, life & abilities. The new addition of the camera in OTR also helps with additional PP.

        This OTR runthrough i am currently on is about my fourth or fifth time through the story – Albeit from a slightly different perspective.

        It was a little jarring to go from a level 50 Chuck to a level 1 Frank though! :D

  2. I always think this game looks fun, but the controls put me off massively…

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