Future Publishing CEO Resigns

Stevie Spring, CEO at Future Publishing, and John Bowman, the company’s Finance Director, have both resigned with immediate effect. The news follows last night’s Games Media Awards.

The magazine publisher, which houses the wonderful Edge (and some other – less than wonderful – mags) has seen cuts across the ranks over the last months, with our friend Tim Ingham moving on some time back.


“The Board has appointed Mark Wood, the head of Future UK, and Graham Harding, the UK’s Finance Director, to replace them,” says a statement issued this morning.

“The Board would like to thank Stevie and John for their considerable contribution in leading Future through a period of unprecedented change,” said Peter Allen, Future’s recently appointed Chairman.

Thanks, SPOnG.



  1. *waves goodbye*

  2. I like Future quite a lot but I don’t know a lot about their business. I just like them because they make magazines and I like magazines.
    Pretty odd timing though, isn’t it? Given their phenomenal successes since Newsstand launched on iOS.

    • Are you a neutrino? That def wasn’t there when I started typing!

      • Yeah, I typed it tomorrow.

      • Haha! I like it, would never of gotten that little joke, untill yesterday my brother was telling me he watched stephen hawkings technoligical advancements and one of the topics was how they figured out how to move faster than the speed of light through neutrinos’!

    • it’s the last step of project ‘Mecrury’ which was designed to streamline the business to maximise efficiency in the declining print market and increase our (already sizable) digital presence. part of that has been the loss of several job roles and now saving costs by Stevie and John stepping down. Kind of a ‘draw a line under it and move on’ kind of move.

      • ah, that makes sense. So this is the top end of the job cuts they made earlier in the year?

      • Yup, that’s exactly it.

  3. Any background reason for this? Seems pretty odd though, what with their recent iPhone thing they did.

  4. Was it over TSA not winning the award!

    • Haha, that must have been the reason, yes! Brilliant. :D

  5. “which houses the wonderful Edge” ?

    ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D BEST JOKE OF THE DAY, THANKS ;-D

  6. I once stood in the same lift as Stevie Spring when I was doing work experience at Future. True story.

  7. Wow..

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