Just Cause 3 Not Happening In 2012

Rumours circulating from Xbox World magazine that Just Cause 3 could be releasing next year have been quashed by the series’ developer.

In the rumour section of the mag’s latest issue it states:

“Our spies say devs Avalanche are hard at work as we speak, and that it’s set for release next year.”

However, those rumours have seemingly been dispelled by Avalanche studio head Christofer Sundburg in an interview with Eurogamer:

“It’s just a rumour and we’re not releasing any game in 2012.”

Sundburg had previously stated that the studio is keen on making a follow up to the 2010 chart topper so a possible sequel wouldn’t have come as shock to many.

Let’s hope that one day Avalanche will get back to the series and program entirely new ways to stand on moving aeroplanes and tumble down cliffs comically, but sadly it ain’t happening yet.

Source: Eurogamer





  1. I found JC2 to be repitive and the story was average, i ended up trading it in for UC2. :) If they add more variety to JC3, and a better story then i would probably be interested in it. Although it was fun to tie a car to a plane and then get in that car.

  2. If I had just cause 2 with multiplayer free roam and the ability to use the grapple as a tripwire (maybe also slightly more diverse villages/bases) then I would happily pay full price again

  3. Really liked Just Cause 2 so a third would be great. A better story in general and much better cutscenes are a must. Please put some form of online in like others have suggested whether its Co-op or some free roam would be brilliant.

  4. Rico’s Voice actor too busy i guess.

  5. liked the first, demoed the second, but didn’t buy in the end. Might get it at a low point next year as there’ll be no sequel then. good plan methinks.

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