Luigi Is Playable in Super Mario Land 3D

Surprise, surprise: Mario’s younger sibling will be making a playable appearance in the upcoming Mario Land 3D.

The announcement (which should shock no one) has also been accompanied by a 20 second tidbit video of Luigi gameplay:


From the looks of the video it seems like Luigi will control similarly to how he does in Mario Galaxy, lacking traction compared to his portlier brother.

In other news, it’s surfaced that the game will feature an additional eight super-tough levels after the main game is finished, with “redux levels, time attacks and sometimes brand new content.”

Anyone pleased that the green machine will have more than a cameo role in Mario’s latest?

Source: Youtube



  1. Shocking news! Now if it’d would’ve been Ezio…

  2. Typo alert! When you said levels, it should actually be worlds, UNLESS this is a sneaky new way to not spoil the game by misleading people :3

  3. OMG…. buys 3DS..

  4. I cannot wait to play this game, thinking of buying a nyko battery just for this.

    Prefer Luigi to Mario, superior brother IMO.

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