New MW3 Video Outlines Updated Weapon System

We doubt many fans would complain if Infinity Ward were to leave the Call of Duty online formula exactly the way it was, but the studio is implementing a number of new features which they believe will enhance the industry’s most popular multiplayer shooter. Modern Warfare 3 will adopt a “weapon progression” system in which each individual component of your armoury will have its own experience bar, unlocking new add-ons as you rack kills and complete objectives.

Aside from camos and weapon mods, focusing on your favourite firearm will also unlock a small pool of perk-like abilities which you can attach to your weapon, allowing for improved speed, quicker melee attacks, reduced kickback etc. giving players the tools to customise their weapons to suit specific playstyles.


  1. Someone must really love ratchet and clank at IW.

    • Exactly what I was thinking…
      This does nothing for me anyway, I hate how everyone is just looking for minor advantages over other players, I find it annoying

  2. Sounds like it could be a nice addition. However, I’m not too interested. I can’t really believe how much it looks like MW2.

  3. Sounds nice, but all what it looks like they’re doing is just adding new guns & equipment/levelling options/online maps and a new story. Modern Warfare 3 is looking more like a Modern Warfare 2.5 to me.

    • And how is that any different to been a new game? Battlefield 3 is literally (on consoles) the same thing in terms of progression from bad company 2.

      • Yeah I agree, but from what I’ve seen of it, mw3 just doesn’t look like that much of an improvement over mw2.

    • old engine is showing it’s limitations I guess. There’s only so far they can push it and I think this will be the last IW game to use said engine.

  4. All the maps look dull so far tbh. There better be maps like Favela, Terminal and Highrise.

    • And afghan, that map was brilliant!

      • highrise was pants (imo) Really dont want to see that return. I want broadcast and strike (is it strike? i cant remember) from COD4

  5. Hey, if its not buggy, it’s done better than BF3

    • im still waiting for them to iron out the black ops mission completion bugs , though to be fair infinity ward seem more professional on that aspect

  6. I think this just put me off… Also, the “new” thing… well, less kick back, is that /really/ new? *Grip attachment..* And the others arent really new. The only thing new is how you unlock them.

    Also, the Trophy thing, a piece of *Equipment* that have rockets machine gun whatever… So they either made it more annoying that you dont have to earn this thing, or its a false claim and its just one of them killstreak rewards we already had, just with some added thing.

    Do IW not know the worst thing about Mw2 was the Killstreaks? *Hey, im good at the game, so i get a chopper gunner so i can get 10 more kills and nuke you all*…

    I can see the online portion being very dissapointing. Been going downhill since CoD4 and this is make or break for me.

    • Though, i must say, the maps look a step in the right direction.

      • He puts down the equipment, it blocks a few grenades as the guy is talking about it and then it progresses and shows the mw2 sentry gun killstreak, i’m not sure where you could of gotten confused. You didn’t view the video with an open mind that’s evident from your comment lol.

    • Agree with your there. MW2 was so full of ott killstreaks that it made the game feel quite unbalanced at times. I much prefer the stripped out MW1.

    • Clearly you’ve just sat there looking for something to whinge about because a) The trophy system is just something that shoots down rockets/grenades, doesnt have a machine gun and doesn’t kill anyone and b)the killstreak system and streaks have been completely revamped. Harrier, chopper gunner, nuke etc are gone, pavelow is now a 12 kill streak and the whole system is much more balanced. Try actually reading up on things before you put them down on false pretense.

      • I was basing the trophy system on the fact that as he is speaking about it, its showing a turret killing people. Maybe the video is mis leading? I dont know. But im not going to comment on how great it looks if i dont think it looks great. I entered the video open minded and came out unhappy with it overall.

  7. I’ve said it many times and i’m gonna say it again, Cannot Wait!
    After playing BF3 online yesterday, while I think its great, I cant notice a lot of difference from Bad Company 2 (which I also thought was great) and I ended up going back to MW2. Get a feeling that may happen again.

  8. Looks epic! Love the fact that you can style it to how you play, means everyone can enjoy the game the way they want. Should also reduce the amount of campers that feel the need to camp on certain maps (e.g Derail from MW2)

  9. How do i have a funny feeling that i’m still gonna be getting my ass handed to me :D

  10. Cant beat the online for COD 4 – that was the bee kneez since then havnt been bothered with online, campaign is where its at

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