No Uncharted 3 Fortune Hunters’ Club For Europe

Last week we reported that Sony are offering a promotion in which PlayStation Network users could save themselves 45% by pre-ordering the entire collection of Uncharted 3 multiplayer content all in one go, a fantastic offer for any die-hard plunderer. However, with less than a week to go before the game launches, the Fortune Hunter’s Club pass has yet to appear for European PSN members, one user asking the official blog “No UC3 Fortune Hunters Club in Europe? Do we get it?” to which EU Store Team rep Andy Stewart replied:

This is being looked into, we will be getting it in the EU but it will not be a pre-oder deal, thats all.

We suspect/hope that Stewart’s response may have been mis-worded and by “pre-order” he was simply referring to buying the DLC before the game’s release and not the actual scheduled multiplayer content. No doubt we’ll hear more when Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception launches next Wednesday.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. I think it just means we won’t be getting the preorder discount the States have, and it’ll be out at launch.

    • That would be my guess also but the response issued wasn’t very clear. Would have thought that Sony would have at least announced a similar promotion by now.

  2. this sounds like EU is going to have to pay full price for the content… I’m not too upset about it, I’m sure the DLC will be worth the price of admission but when other people get offered something just because of their location I cant help but feel a little annoyed that SCEE cant get its act together.

    Had similar issues with MK9 DLC, EU didn’t get a season pass for that and had to pay far more to get the characters.

    • Apparently, “we will be getting it”. I reckon what he’s referring to here is the Fortune Hunters Club pass, not the actual DLC. Atleast I hope so.

  3. There’s no sp dlc for uncharted so it makes no odds to me.

    • Yeah, me too. Though I’m beginning to think that UC3’s multiplayer may draw me into a rare online frenzy.

  4. Seems quite clear to me. “we will be getting it in the EU but it will not be a pre-order deal”… So we’ll be getting the discount then, just post-launch? Seems good to me.

    • But then there’s the “post-launch” part. Does that mean after the game’s release or the content’s release? I suspect the former but there’s no official confirmation.

  5. Forgive my ignorance, but how does “This is being looked into, we will be getting it in the EU but it will not be a pre-oder deal, thats all.” translate into “No Uncharted 3 Fortune Hunters’ Club For Europe”

  6. By all MP content, do they mean if you preorder it, you will unlock everything?

    Seems a bit unfair, taking away something that was promised. I wonder if SCEE are up to their old tricks?

    • what was you promised? I’m not quite sure what dlc I get with my explorer edition so not sure if this will effect me :o)

      • I don’t know and was using it as a general term. As they i think did say that preorders would get it. I would be annoyed as hell if i had preordered it and then they went back on said thing. :=)

      • No DLC was promised from pre-ordering the game, not the special edition, not the Fortune Hunters edition.
        What this is about, is the Fortune Hunters Club pass, it’s basically a pre-order DLC-bundle, in which you get instant access to the 4 map- and 3 upcoming skin-packs for a 45% discount.

      • I get it aqua style thanks!

        Obv my edition comes with dlc and game pre orders come with some dlc aswell, this is effected.

        Never even heard about this offer lol but not clued up on uncharted mp!

      • Not entirely sure on what you’re trying to say here, but there’s no DLC coming with the game apart from some gun-variants for the multiplayer which you also can unlock by leveling. So not really any DLC.

  7. No way I’m going to spend 45 euros on DLCs. Your loss, Sony.

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