YouTuber’s “99 Problems” Spoof Pokes Fun At BF3

Mostly cringe-worthy at times, there is the occasional breakthrough for video game humour, JeuxNoob’s “99 Bugs” being a good example. Adopting the same Jay-Z track which accompanies the televised ad campaign, this YouTube user has put together a montage of embarrassing glitches.


Of course most of these glitches are minor (with the occasional game breaker) and it’s also worth bearing in mind that most of the footage is from both alpha and beta builds, not entirely representative of finished product.



  1. Sooo… I was looking foward to Bf3 but last night i couldnt stay in a game EA kept logging me out, but the maps i did play on (i managed to play it for a while a few times which added to the frustration) were fairly terrible. And ive found the single player so far pretty dull. :-/ not really a happy bunny this morning, kinda hope it picks up. Someones defense online was “Oh stay with it through the problems it will be all running ace while the end of Nov”. Well thats a month, a month of it being shit and accepting that? Possibly the worst defense ever…

    • Possibly anyone thinking about buying it today should wait till the end of nov, but so far id simply say dint waste your money :-/ which really disheartens me as i love bfbc and bfbc2.

    • I’ve been following the BF3 Tweets and yes, they did have server issues yesterday and last night but they reckon the servers have been sorted out now. It’s always going to happen with such a big game. I saw pics yesterday of fans queueing up inside and outside of a Moscow game shop and all the way through the shopping centre for their copies, so this game is very popular.

      • I hope your right mate, but to be honest my main concern is the maps i did play on where… not upto battlefields usual standard, but maybe they will grow on me.

  2. I bet the MW3 fans are lapping it up, wonder how long before there is a retaliation vid by the loyal BF3 fans!

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