EA Aware of BF3 Code Problems on 360

EA has issued a statement on its website in an attempt to head off worried customers struggling with online pass codes. Apparently, depending on which retailer your disc came from, the code in the box might not work. EA recommends contacting the retailer for a replacement code.

We are aware of the invalid code issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. Since certain retailers are affected by this issue, please check with the retailer where you purchased Battlefield 3 in order to receive a replacement code.

It’s been a launch plagued with issues, from a perceived lack of transparency with review code to 360 servers not handling what EA has called “unprecedented demand” which we assume is even more unprecedented than the Battlefield 1943 launch when servers didn’t work for 2 days. PC gamers are also reporting multiple issues with Battlelog which are preventing them from getting their full enjoyment out of the title.


With EA aware of the issues, and the European launch now complete, we would fully expect things to be ironed out in the next few days. Until then, there’s always the single player campaign to enjoy. Our review of that side of the game is coming really soon.

Source: EA



  1. Another code fuck up? Oh dear.

  2. Typical EA launch rubbish. Wont get my copy till tomorrow but hope
    it will have improved a bit by then

  3. So their “beta” which they claimed made sure there would be no launch issues was useless as predicted.

    • I don’t know, apparently the PS3 version is working beautifully…

    • Not a big surprise, way too close to the release date. They should have tested all this months ago!

  4. So another cockup of a triple AAA game. I think i will wait a few months to see if Dice will fix the issues afterall, they are “perfectionsts”. ;) I hope the curse of the EA servers is not back.

    • “triple AAA”?

      • AAAAAAAAA! It’s the noise customers made as they realised their codes didn’t work and there were issues with the game and servers. :D

  5. I had no problems. but then again am on ps3 ;-)

  6. I don’t care all that much about online passes. I find them annoying but it isn’t a big deal to me. This however is completely unacceptable and it shouldn’t happen even ONCE. Nowadays it seems it’s standard procedure for major releases to have failures with online passes and it affects consumers buying new products as well.

  7. “Apparently, depending on which retailer your disc came from, the code in the box might not work.”


    • +1 :( all these problems are getting a little boring and predictable now

    • Absolutely, the customer is getting really, really shoddy treatment at the hands of the publishers these days. Products are just not working as advertised and invariably it’s us who jump through hoops and phone premium rate helplines to sort the issues out.

  8. I have an idea. Lets just sell games with no codes to get online, so it works with having ZERO issues. (minus server issues) Its a great idea that would work.

    • Thats just crazy talk.

    • Hahahahaa. Right. Like that’ll ever catch on. Sheesh…

    • Imagine eh? what would that be like? oh yeah 2006 :)

      Cheers for making me chuckle guys :D

    • Obviously you’re working for Nintendo! ;)

  9. ive had no problems with my PC copy i managed to activate mine yesterday though

  10. You can guarentee COD wont have these issues, For starters there’s no online pass to balls everything up.

    The Beta for this game was just plain broken, if they’ve not updated at all for the full game then lord help us. I buckeled and bought this but I can see a very quick trade coming on.

    • Played Operation Metro tonight in final released game and it’s much better, bugs are fixed.

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