EA Ships 10 Million Battlefield 3 Units in a Week

EA has announced that 10 million units of Battlefield 3 have been shipped to retailers in a single week. Specific sales figures weren’t revealed, but John Riccitiello has told investors that some retailers are having to order in more stock.

We are currently working around the clock to bring you a review. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.

Source: MCV



  1. I can do a review if you want completed Battlefield this morning at precisly 06:30 lol
    Looking forward to the review. I must stay awake a wee bit longer for the Multiplayer ^^

    • saw your twitter this morning ya nutbar! haha waking up early and instead of going back to sleep, you dig into BF. Legend!

    • Lol thats insane! That said I plan to play it through in one sitting this weekend also… ;) I’ve heard its about 6-7hours, is that about right?

      • Yes and I did it on HARD difficulty!

      • :) you got the trophy/cheeve for completing the street chase in 2mins 30 without dying? My mate was getting very savage with that one last night so he kept putting songs on of aboyut that length to take his mind off it a bit. Was pretty funny to watch lol.

    • A true warrior! Sleep IS the for the weak!

    • nice one Del.

  2. I have one and its absolutely brilliant , I know its totally not important in a Battlefield game but iv’e got to say the single player is way better than i’d expected which is an added bonus.

  3. Im a bit gutted, i know BF3 is sitting on my doormat right now but Im stuck at work but to make matters worse, I’m out tonight and tomorrow night and all day tomorrow Im helping my mate move house. Why do people insist on making plans on such a weekend as this. Turds!!!!

    • Sorry mate,I feel for you.

    • I have to wait till i return home from uni around the 10th of december. A weekend to wait isn’t that bad :)

  4. 10,000,001… I’m off to get mine from Sainsbury’s this morning!

    • For anyone interested, it was £24.99 when bought with a £25 PSN card. I couldn’t resist!

      • Thats not a bad deal. If I wasn’t getting it for 2.99 at HMV by trading in Batman I would probably go for that in a big way.

      • How can you trade in Batman? You heathen! ;) I had a hard time taking it out of my PS3 just now.

      • Speaking as someone who loved Asylum, playing through Arkham City has been one big chore! :O
        The combat system seems overly complicated now and it feels like each villain only gets a few minutes of screen-time before you move onto the next one, meaning I didn’t get into the narrative at all. Was glad when it ended tbh.

      • It’s been a while since I played AA but the combat system seems fairly similar to me, and that is one of the things that makes the game for me.

        In some cases I agree with the fleeting interactions with other characters, and maybe they could have had fewer with more dialogue. But all in all I love the game. Sorry you didn’t.

      • “the combat system seems fairly similar to me, and that is one of the things that makes the game for me.”

        Don’t get me wrong, it still features one of the best fighting systems around but they have made using ‘quickfire’ gadgets much trickier this time around (holding L1 and pressing a face button isn’t as seemless as just double-tapping a trigger) and the new enemy types mean you can’t seemlessly flow between them, instead having to stun some of them three times before you can hit them etc. It just feels needlessly complicated.

        Glad you are enjoying it though. Judging by other people’s comments, you definately aren’t alone :) lol.

  5. Received mine yesterday morning from ShopTo. Only played MP as the SP doesn’t really interest me (will probably play it during PSN downtime or internet outage at home).

    Really enjoying it so far, some great maps, SFX are utterly amazing and a suprising lack of bugs/glitches.

    If you are a BF:BC2 fan you’re going to love BF3, COD fans probably not so much still…

    I enjoy both TBH and will be getting MW3 also. Such different games/playing styles that I think the constant comparison between the 2 is pointless TBH. COD is perfect for adrenalin filled quick blasts, BF3 for a more measured and tactical approach. I choose which to play dependent on my mood and how much time I’ve got.

  6. yum hot cakes.

  7. Upgraded my PC for BF3. Picking up my copy on the way home from work.

  8. But will they sell 10million copies within a week?
    I have heard that the hit detection is a bit off and there are still some annoying glitches. Plus, we can’t fly a jet in the campaign. :(

    I still can’t believe that EA has not sent a review copy to TSA. They usually do don’t they?

    • TSA’s review is going up now i think, Like right now, as I check the time lol

      • SP review though, which lets be honest is about 1% of the actual game and was never going to be worth any more than a rental at best.

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