Hydrophobia Prophecy Hits PSN Next Week, Free on PS Plus

Dark Energy Digital has announced that Hydrophobia Prophecy will be hitting the PSN on 1st November in the US and 2nd November in Europe.

Backed by a huge campaign from Sony, those with PlayStation Plus will be able to pick up the game for free, but even if you aren’t signed up the game will be launching at the pretty damn low (in my opinion) price of $7.99/£5.10.


Having recently spent a fair chunk of time playing the game, it certainly seems that the PS3 will be getting the definitive version. Making use of all the Darknet feedback, the game looks and plays totally different to the original Hydrophobia.

Move support is also well implemented, providing a nice change of pace to the combat as you pop in and out of cover, firing off headshots with ease.

Expect a full review very soon.

Source: Press Release



  1. Some good PSN news at last. Really good price, will definitely be downloading this when it launches.

  2. Great to have a new game for free on Plus. At least noone can complain they already have it.

    • Ha-ha A very good point .

    • People still complained when Stacking was released on PS+.
      They’ll complain no matter what.

      • Stacking was a great thing. It was a game I probably wouldn’t have bought, bet ended up enjoying quite a bit. Without plus I wouldn’t have experienced that. (Yes there have also been games I don’t care about but they can’t please everyone all the time, so that is to be expected)

      • Yeah, I’m the same.
        I probably wouldn’t have bought Stacking on my own, but it was definitely a great game once I played it!

    • It is a very pleasant surprise!

  3. awesome.

    and free for plus subscribers.
    i just renewed my sub the other day so consider me a happy bunny.

    mind you i would have given serious consideration to buying the game if i wasn’t a plus subscriber.
    especially at that price.

  4. Hydrophobia was terrible and one of the worst games I’ve played this generation. They can flog this dead horse as much as they like with patches and price-drops but its still a pile of poop in my opinion :P

  5. Finally some news here on TSA about it, was tweeting and shouting about it last night, when I realized it was finally coming and on top of that was free for PSN+ :)

    Psyched for this game :P

    • Yeah there was an embargo on the news, which was broken last night. We kept it though which explains the apparent delay. Trust me, we’ve been dying to tell people!

      • Oh fair enough, explains a lot :)

        I found the news via a link in the comment section on the PSN EU blog and one of the mods replied with a thanks. Strange they didn’t remove it :)

  6. How much is it in euro?

  7. Good ol’ PS plus, looking forward to seeing the water physics.

  8. wow that is a great deal! love PS plus.
    have been looking forward to this game for a while now after the TSA story om it.

  9. on^

  10. After 2 months of mediocre content PS+ comes good.

    • Sony have been absolutely fantastic… they really appreciated all the improvements on PSN and the Move support and basically said “right… we’re getting behind this game”. They’ve been great :)

      • I was going to buy it anyway so I hope you get a nice slice of our subscription money in your pocket.

      • Did they supply biscuits?

      • Biscuits are always a deal breaker.

      • Looks like Sony made a good call then.
        This game does look great. I’d already own it but for my laptop working about as well as if it were hydrophilic. :P

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