PAYDAY: The Heist Official Euro Release Date Revealed

PAYDAY: The Heist will release on November 2nd in Europe on PSN.

Developed by Overkill Software and distributed by Sony Online Entertainment, PAYDAY: The Heist is a Co Op First Person Shooter, and has six heists available from launch. More heists will be available through DLC, as well as other weapons and equipment. Overkill Software say that teamwork is an essential part of the gameplay regardless of whether you are playing with other people or with AI.


As of yet, the European PSN price for PAYDAY: The Heist has not been revealed.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. The pricing is going to decide whether I get this or not. Considering it has only 6 heists, I can’t see myself paying more than a tenner for it. Going by the price on Steam and the US PSN, I bet it will be around £15, so I’ll wait until it goes on sale most likely.

    • Yeah, I did fancy this but I’m really put off buying PSN titles that are more than likely going to be discounted heavily by PS+ later on

    • I did that Pre order thing, forgot how much I paid for it (over £10) though.

  2. It looks so average which is a shame as the concept is excellent. I’ve snagged it from the US PSN Store so will try it over the weekend, I think. We’ll see. :)

    • As average as the reviews have been, I found it really good fun. Certainly something a bit different! I’ve got it on preorder from the PLAY promotion, and was quite worried about it until I played the demo.

      • What kind of different is there, all you do is face waves of the same enemies and that’s it.

  3. So the day Uncharted3 comes out. so much for this game making the wait for U3 less painful…

  4. Totally forgot about this game, looks average. I expect it to come at 11.99 or something which seems reasonable for… 5 hours of game, at a guess of about 40-50mins per heist. Makes me think of Time Crisis, which is a positive! If it has light gun control or PSMove control this will be a sure buy is its £15 or less.

  5. I don’t know much about this, but watched some gameplay videos on youtube. Is it made by the same people behind the Left 4 Dead games? It seems to have very similar aspects, especially being able to see friends outlined through the floor.

    • IGN drew a lot of comparisons to that game, but no it is developed by differnet people :)

    • Vavle makes L4D with the source engine, overkill (fromerly GRIN) make payday with the diesel engine, just to answer your question.

    • Looking at it again, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a L4D mod.

  6. Has the price not been set already?
    I didn’t pre-order it, but wasn’t that option available?

  7. It’s a pretty cool concept and gameplay could be good, but the graphics are really disappointingly poor.

  8. When the game first came to light as a blu-ray title I was interested in it but since it was ‘cut down’ to a PSN title, the more info I’ve seen, the more I’ve gone off it.

  9. Looks a bit turd, imo.

  10. I’m interested, but in a fuller, more fleshed out version, that i would like on blu ray, with more heists, and better everything. Or this, but cheap as chips..

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