Community Round-Up: 29/10/11

Another week, another Round-up, and with one of this year’s biggest FPS titles being released yesterday, I hope you’re all enjoying it. You are? Good. Well stop playing that and read this, it’s far more important!

Fancy winning the rather brilliant Forza 4 and a Speed Wheel to go along with it? Of course you do! Well, you better get snapping because we want to take a photo of a vehicle that you think would win a best or worst category. You also need to satisfy Teflon’s thumb fetish (yes that’s right, thumb fetish!) by including one of your thumbs in the photo. [Actually, I’m more about the toeshoes, but sure. – Tef]

So have a quick wander around your local area for a while, try to snap something inventive and amusing, and send in your entry as soon as you can. You can either email or tweet your entries and remember that this competition closes at 11:59pm tonight, so !

If you missed the racing action you can catch up on Week 2 of TSA’s F1 Championship, which took place in Montreal. You can also take a look at the Championship tables to look at how the field is doing. The next round takes place at Albert Park, Melborne.

Oh, and a quick reminder for all the Group A drivers, you’ll need to remember to sort out your clocks, should they not adjust themselves automatically. At 2AM on Sunday morning, the clocks will go backwards an hour. So make sure you adjust them lest you be late… No, early. Oh, I can never remember.

It looks like a quiet week Meet-wise this week, but hopefully we’ll see more being created as we go along!

With EA’s mammoth shooter launching this past week, presumably there will be a lot of Battlefield 3 play going on. So, to get people playing together and help grease that particular cog a little, there’s been a Battlelog group set up for TSA. More details can be found in the forum thread here.

Starting at 7pm tonight, there’s Death_In_Flamez’s usual SARPBC Meet. Tomorrow at 9pm, Kitch, (aka GTOWN) is wanting a hand getting some rewards from PlayStation Home, so it would be lovely if two of you could help him out. All in subdued preparation for the second annual TSA photo session.

Looking ahead further into the week, ‘Mondays Motorstorm Madness’, hosted by theberzerka kicks off at 8pm on Monday night. On Tuesday night, at 7pm, David24 is hosting an Uncharted 2 send-off Meet, it set to be an emotional affair, so don’t forget the tissues!

As always, free to host your own meet here, provided you have at least 250 TSA points.

You know the drill by now, so let’s take a look at what reviews have gone up on the site over the past week. First up was the Batman: Arkham City Review, a game that has caused quite a stir recently got top marks from Peter in his review. Another game that got full marks this week was Uncharted 3, reviewed by Alex.

Meanwhile, Blair was transformed into a reviews machine this week, tackling Ratchet & Clank: All 4 OneinFamous: Festival of Blood and The Adventures of Tintin, whilst Isaac rather painfully had to review Okabu. For those of you curious about how Battlefield 3’s campaign stacks up, you can take a look at the Single Player Review, and we’ll try to get you the Multiplayer review as soon as we’ve played enough matches.

Last week’s Meet the Reader feature featured MtMannion, or Mikiyaru as he is on TSA, and the Tweak It feature looked at Dragon Age II. For all you trophy hoarders out there, Tuffcub has his Playback feature looking at easy trophies and platinums, so if you feel like adding some of those shiny collectables to your trophy cabinet look no further! The WeView Verdict for Medal of Honour is here, and you can also comment on this week’s game, Sonic the Hedgehog. Remember to let us know your thoughts in the forum thread.

Jim brings us the fifth edition of TSA Talks, where the team take a look at discussing the next-generation of gaming, the Battlefield 3 vs. MW3 war, and lastly PS Vita. The OMM Podcast Episode 40 was released on Monday, and although suffering some technical difficulties and missing participants, it’s still well worth a listen.


Well, that’s Gaz out of the way for a little while. Time for me, Teflon, to have my wicked way with the last quarter of this article! Then again, I could always just edit the first three quarters too. OK, hold on a second. Done. Lets see what’s been going on in the forums. I’ve not had chance to look for a few days, so this should be interesting!

As always, a little reminder that nothing in the General Chat forum is sensible or mature, and it might even be a bit crude at times. That’s why we keep the crazy ones in there. In order to be a crazy, just sign up to TSA.

  • We love a good moan sometimes, so Battlefield 3’s arrival was timed to perfection as it came out on a day. There’s a few threads about various problems with the game. Had a play and been annoyed by something? Well here’s another link in case two threads weren’t quite enough. It’s not all gloom and more gloom, though, sign up to that there TSA Battlefield Platoon!
  • A neat part of last year’s TSA F1 Championship was that people would upload recordings of their races. It’s very cool to see this still happening again, and I’ve made a couple videos of my own for the first two rounds. Check them out here.
  • Not sure why, but people are talking about Grand Theft Auto 4 once again. This time the favourite moments you had in game. Reminisce, people!
  • Good old Kirk. He’s always finding himself in the middle of a tough moral quandary, both when a fictional character, and when our real world TSAgent, Death in Flamez. Should he go on a trip that ought to enhance his education, or should he skip it and race at TSA’s Silverstone Grand Prix?
  • GTOWN deleted you. You are no longer his friend. If you attend the eventual PlayStation Home meeting of bountiful delights and many good pleasures, maybe you become his friend again.

That’s all for this week, now you have three options at this stage. You can either enter the Forza 4 competition, or you can decide not to enter it and tell me in the comments that I can’t count.

-Gaz wrote the first 3/4 of this article, until Teflon rather rudely thwacked him over the head with a frying pan and took over. Gaz is fine, though. This probably isn’t entirely true.



  1. The last 1/4 of this article really took a dive in quality didn’t it?
    Cheers Tef!

    • Good to see you’re talking again. I did hit you pretty hard with that frying pan!

  2. I do like this weekly feature. I’d really like to team up and get some battlefield going on but the in-game system is just too rubbish. Better to just see someone playing on your friends list and join their game.

    • Yep, selecting “join game” seems to work better and then you can manually pick an empty squad in the server together or you can send squad invites in the game.

  3. The SARPBC meet is tomorrow night, not tonight :)

    • One week a whole round up will go out and it’ll be absolutely perfect…. *facepalm*

  4. “Not sure why, but people are talking about Grand Theft Auto 4 once again.”

    Maybe it was the GTA5 announcement, who knows… X3.

  5. Lovely round up as per usual, and had me laughing. SARPBC meet is sunday night by the way ;) Nice to see both of you getting involved so there’s no favouritism…but the last section was a bit naff this week. ;)

  6. I didn’t set up a meet for F1 practice this week as I had other commitments but things have changed, so I should be about at 6 to 6.30pm if anyone wants to get some practice in.

  7. If i had a camara and had Photoshop, i would be too tempted to get some pictures of some transformers and insert my thumb into the picture.

    You forgot to mention the risk of perverts in GC teflord. ;)

    How come my What do you want to see in GTa5 thread didn’t get mentioned? Oh well, no biggie.*shugs shoulders*

    • Sometimes I like to pretend your threads don’t exist… It makes visiting the TSA forums a distinctly less harrowing experience. ;-)

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