Meet the Reader: Origami Killer

What’s your favourite game of all time?

This is a tough one. I think for me it was Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone on PS1. When I played the PS1 by myself it would always be that game. I must have completed it so many times, it was just so fun.

How have the later games in the franchise compared?

The second, Chamber of Secrets, was just as good as the first, but since then they have taken a real step backwards. I haven’t bothered with the Deathly Hallows Part 1 or 2, but the rest have been bad.

I think it is because the PS1 games only lightly followed the story, there were so many mini games, it was a lengthy game. All that has been lost in the later games

That makes a bit of sense. Later games also had a lot more book and film content to deal with, and the focus of the story switched too. With an interesting choice for favourite game, I’m hoping you’ve got a good answer for what the game you’re most embarrassed to have played is?

I don’t think this one is quite as bizarre. It’s a tie between Def Jam Icon and The Simpson’s Wrestling. Both astonishingly bad and both similar games. I’m not a fan of fighting games.

It’s more that you decided to buy and/or play them at all!

Def Jam Icon was my brother’s choice, he was going through a stage where he thought he was 50 Cent.


I really don’t know.

But he at least endeavoured to be 50 Cent as much as possible?

Oh yeah. G Unit shoes, T-shirts, chains and even went round with the nickname “Fiddy”, and I was referred to as 25 cent by his friends. I have such a great speech ready for whenever he does get married.

Well, only if he picks you to be the best man…

That’s true. If my brother sees this I’m a dead man. I’m kidding, but swiftly move along please!

As you request. What titles are you looking forward to in the rest of this year? And since we’re already half way through this release window, what have you already enjoyed?

Well of course Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3, and a bit of Skyrim. Hopefully will have all three by Christmas. I have already played Dead Island, which just hasn’t got my attention at all. Resistance 3 is what I have mainly played recently which has been great, same for F1 2011.

Oh and El Shaddai, it’s really hard!

Wait, how could I forget Dark Souls? I want that game so much.

Are you getting BF3 this weekend?

Unfortunately not.

That’s a bit of a shame. It’s been a rather hectic release month, it must be hard for many to get the money together.

I’ve got money, but I don’t wan’t to spend on games at the moment. I am currently saving for a holiday and car insurance.

Are you getting it this weekend? Am I allowed to ask back or have I ruined the system?


I ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE!!! I am getting this weekend, though. [Actually, turns out I’m not.]

That’s nice for you.

I should hope so! Well it depends on if it’s delivered promptly, really. Got it for £35 with some free boxer shorts, which was possibly the oddest offer I’ve seen online.

Am I reading this correctly? What’s the boxer decoration? Like a Harrier Jump Jet on them?

Oh, they’re not BF3 themed, sadly. Just some normal boxer shorts.

Thats disappointing.

Would they be better with strategically placed missiles on them? Because that would make the offer less odd…

Haha, that’s made me laugh a lot!

You’re at the age where you’re coming to the end of your schooling. Do you have a particular route you plan to head with further education? Wishes, hopes, dreams?

You know the education system well. In my A2 year doing Biology, Maths and Geography. I’m looking to do Zoology at Swansea, and then after that another degree in Palaeontology. I’d love to work for the BBC.

Sounds quite cool. Were you inspired by nature shows and dinosaur movies?

Huge fan of Documentaries. Frozen Planet is on tonight! [Wednesday]

I had an interview to be on Springwatch a few years ago in the BBC studio, and I love everything about dinosaurs.

Favourite pre-historic period. GO!


What was around at that point?

It was around 300 Ma, so before the dinosaurs. Ended with a mass extinction 254 Ma which I am doing a 5000 word essay on at the moment in college.

Oh, so you’ve managed to bring your favourite time period into your studies directly. That’s great.

Yeah! It was my own choice.

Well I’m sure we all look forward to you being the next Attenborough or Dr. Alan Grant, and on TV shows in 10 years time. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks for reading, your a lovely bunch of people.

Thanks to Origami Killer for being interviewed. I’ll see you next week for the next one!

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  1. normally don’t ready these but the name caught my eye! I’ll have to pay attention from now on this really made me laugh. I totally understand the 50 cent thing. my little brother is the same

    • he is well pasted that stage now though…thankfully.

      • Same here. I’ve just started following a load of TSA members on Twitter, OA included.

        I’ll too look out for these in the future, good read.

  2. Hello again, Origami Killer.

  3. Ahhaha, that was the funniest one yet! Thanks for making my Sunday morning at work a lot more enjoyable. Good to meet you OK, and keep on top of those studies! Also, I may have an offer for you, check your PM inbox… :)

    • lol thanks. There’s nothing there in the pm inbox…

  4. Ahhhhh a Cardiff boy. Nice city :P

  5. I’m not going to be able to stop imagining you as Ross from Friends after you mentioned Palaeontology haha!

    • I’ve never watched a full episode of Friends, please forgive me.

  6. Awesome, lucky guy. I wish I could study palaeontology, but here in Australia there just aren’t any jobs in the field. Though how your favourite era could be Dinosaur-less, I have no idea =p

    • I wan’t to do a zoology degree first though :P so it will be a long time before I can study it. I like big extinctions and the permian has the biggest ;)

      • Zoology is also awesome, good luck with both. Do not, under any circumstances, cave in and do a Commerce degree just because there’s a shiny job at the end and everyone told you to do it. Trust me, it isn’t fun ;)

  7. I think it’s seriously cool that you want to study Palaeontology, and good luck with it. There haven’t been any good dinosaur games released lately!

  8. Simpsons wrestling was awful, I remember buying it haha. Hello Origami!

  9. Harry Potter on the PS1 was [looking back] surprisingly good! I remember trying to collect as many colour beans as possible and trying to max out the Gryfindor point hourglass

    • Burty Botts Every Flavour beans I think they are called. I used to do the same :)

  10. no spoiler tag?

    come on, you not only revealed who the origami killer was you went and bleedin’ interviewed him. O_O

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