Meet the Reader: Origami Killer

After last weeks interview, I got a message on PSN almost begging to be allowed to be next interviewee. So who are we meeting this week? You might know him by his stage name: Origami Killer.


How are you, where old are you and who do you come from?

Wait that makes no sense, but I’m Dan Jones, 17, and from Cardiff.

Yes, you spotted my cunning play on words! So then, Mr. Jones, tell us how you came to your TSA and PSN user names?

Well, Mr Jones sounds cool. I first encountered TSA in 2009 I think, I was looking for a Batman: Arkham Asylum trophy list, and TSA was the first one that came up. I was mainly a reader until May 2010, when I took the plunge and became a member.

Oh, poo. I just answered the question wrong.

This blooper is totally staying in.

I’ve never been good at reading questions. It’s how I fail in exams.

It certainly helps to read and answer the correct questions in exams…

OK, can I have another go?

Of course! Wait. No! You failed, get out!

Oh alright then. To keep the confusion running, I’ll ask you here: How did you come across TSA? and now you can answer the previous question.

First of all I’ll start with my PSN name which is storm48. It originates from MotorStorm, as it was the first game I played on my PS3, and 48 is my house number… which I shouldn’t have really told you.

I tried to carry this on to TSA but I accidentally created the account with a wrong email address, and if you look for a storm48 on TSA I assure you there is an unused account. As I was playing Heavy Rain at the time, I took Origami Killer as my new name with the correct email address and that’s how it has remained.

I think I’ve answered that correctly now.

Aha! So you live at number 48, Cardiff? Just a few doors down from Bunimomike!

There’s only one street in Cardiff.

London Road, I believe.

I will search Google Maps for his house now so I can send him poo in an envelope.

Why on earth would you want to do that?

For halloween purposes.

Has he snubbed you when it comes to treats? He’s normally very generous with those…

Oh wait, isn’t it his birthday on Halloween? That would be too harsh.

I believe it is, actually. OK, you see that over there? That’s the main thread of questions. Shall we head back? What was it about TSA that made you think signing up might be a good idea?

Yes I do see it.

When I was scrolling through the trophy pages and articles there was so much I wanted to respond to, so I signed up to do so, quite self explanatory. The community looked great and the forums looked fun.

On the curry scale of goodness (From Korma to Vindaloo), how do you now rate your decision to sign up?

Hey Korma’s my favourite curry! So it has to be a Korma.

But that’s not spicy in the slightest!

But it’s creamy, coconut-y and everyone loves it. Kind of like TSA when you think about it. See what I did there?

You’re such a suck up! Are there any particular front page articles that you’ve enjoyed in your time here?


You should know that my favourite article is the Community Round Up. The earlier ones. Also like the What We Played feature, and Sunday Thoughts. They are really funny and also give me something to think about.

If Gazza was doing this interview, what would your answer have been?

The later round ups. Look, I can’t please everyone!

No, but it’s very sweet that you’re trying, if a little worrying… Competitions! You’ve done a few TSA competitions, haven’t you?

Oh yeah! I’ve won 3! I think that’s more than Spikey Mikey.

I have participated in King of Killzone, Uncharted Treasure Bearer, Resistance 3 (which I luckily won) and now the F1 2011 championship. Also I won El Shaddai and a Ratchet & Clank game in one of Bunimo’s forum competitions. So I’ve had my fair share of TSA comps, and all have been fun.

Well it’s good to see that the Welsh contingent have maintained their current hegemony over TSA prizes… Or something.

Yes! We get lucky… A lot.

It’s nice that the rest of the UK gets to win occasionally too, though. How did you first come across and get into gaming?

It all started when my brother received a PS1 for his birthday a long time ago (I’m so hard done by) and that’s where gaming took off for me.

What games did you get the most play out of on the PS1?

Well we always had to stick to split screen games to avoid fighting over it, so it was mainly racing games such as Porsche Challenge. Also other great games for us were Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 and WCW Mayhem.

Oh the Tony Hawks games were brilliant! You must have had quite the rivalry going on. Did he always win? Does he still?

Well at first he won a lot but as I got older it became more competitive resulting in fighting, I hit him over the head with the controller. Now I beat him easily on everything. He get’s annoyed so much, but it doesn’t end in a brawl these days.

He’s 3 years older than me, by the way.

What consoles did you have between PS1 and PS3? Have you ventured beyond the Sony machines at all?

Just the PS2, and not at all. I’ve always been a Playstation fan, but I do have a Wii which gathers dust. That was bought after the PS3.

Is there nothing that would tempt you to dabble with Xbox, though? Or are you a diehard, and will get a launch day PS4, whenever that should arrive.

If it was free, I suppose I might. Yeah I will be getting a PS4 at launch or a few weeks after if the money’s there. Don’t really know why I am such a Sony fan.

It’s fair enough. Very easy to invest further in a particular brand once you’ve got going.

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  1. So many memories of that Harry Potter game have come flooding back, I can still so clearly remember tons of it. Modern Harry Potter games are just pathetic in comparison, no soul to them.

    Cheers for the memories, funny interview!

    • exactly, really want to go and play it now! :)

    • Yeah, it’s one of my favourite PS1 games too.

  2. Cardiff is great, fairly nice city, like how it’s manageably small to get around, but not too small. I’m from Penarth myself. Good interview!

  3. Nice to meet you Origami Killer. I remeber playing Harry Potter and the chamber of sercets on the PS1&2. Imo, it went to complete crap in GOF then it semi returned back to good in OTP then it pretty much became very crap and a massive dump on the Harry Potter franchise.I’m looking at you Deathly Hallows.

    It seems that we both joined at the same time.(give or take a few weeks/days).

    You seem to have forgotton about your inability to remeber how to change the diffculty in a game. ;)

    • surprisingly I enjoyed The Half-Blood Prince. The quidditch was really good in it and the new take on potions was a good move too. That was the last game I played of the series. Can’t say much good for the previous 3 though.
      Yeah both May 2010. My forum profile tells me the 22nd May.
      haha! I’m playing through fallout 3 and I have no idea what difficulty I’m on now, if it’s on easy or hard I don’t really know :P

      • I pretty much gave up on the series after OTF as i had made the move from PS2 to PS3 and had a feeling that Half Blood Prince would be a bit crap. I enjoyed Qudditch World cup though. :)

      • made the move to PS3 quite late, 2008 or 09 then I’m guessing. Qudditch world cup was a dreadful game but an enjoyable one, it just got too repetitive :/

  4. Nice to “meet” you Origami! I had you pinned as somewhat older, but that’s becoming such a common comment on these articles that I’ll rather wish you the best of luck on your studies, sounds exciting!

    • Maybe it’s the way most of us comment in a mature nature on the site :)

  5. seems the Welsh following on this website is larger than I thought

    • almost overtaking the scottish contingent! ;)

      Howdy ok

  6. Nice to know a little bit about you Dr Grant, I mean Storm48 ^^
    I love Jurassic Park xD
    Oh and Tony Hawk’s was my favorite back on PS1 ahhh great memories

  7. Ohhh I also had Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on the Ps1, I must have finished that game about 3 times, I loved it! Especially the Quidditch bits and the part where you’re in Gringotts collecting coins haha.

  8. Lovely article, Origami. Have got to know you in the forum but it’s great reading a proper Q&A with tef. See you out and about soon (what with me living at No. 50 and you being two doors down from me on the only road in Cardiff). :-)

    • thanks :) yeah Tef had to explain to me that every city has a London Road :P

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