Battlefield 3 Sales Top 5 Million

EA announced last week that over 10 million copies of Battlefield 3 had been shipped to retailers but for obvious reasons, they didn’t announce how many had actually been sold.

Now that the first week of sales are in the books, EA have come out and boasted 5 million copies sold at retail. According to EA, that number makes Battlefield 3 the fastest selling gaming in the publisher’s history.


While there is very little doubt in anyone’s mind that Modern Warefare 3 will easily topple those numbers when it launches next week, it will be interesting to see if sales do take a small dip compared to last year’s iteration.

In case you missed our Battlefield 3 reviews, you can check out the single player here, and the multiplayer here.

Source: Game Informer



  1. I’m just happy now they’ve met a good figure they can stop ramming advertising down my throat.

    • If I hear that distorted theme song one more time, whoever is closest to me is getting a swift kick to the jibblies.

      • It was too much. I’m actually looking forward to more MW3 advertising to balance it out. Oh, don’t stand near me when my mobile phone rings, I have the BF3 ringtone :/

      • I love that sting, sounds like The Terminator!

    • Near me there are every oversized billboard has MW3 on it, but i quite like them so im fine. By the way this is in yorkshire so i can only imagine down south your drowning in it

  2. 10 million copies shipped, half that many sold, and still the Servers cannot cope with the demand. Just as well they didn’t sell them all.

    • Without seeing the split between PC and console sales its difficult to tell how much worse the server issues could have been.

  3. honestly i thought the’d have sold more! chances are this’ll keep climbing over time. interesting to see if people trade it in for cod and the other way around once its out

    • Really? That’s double what Bad Company 2 managed in its first month, 2.5x what Batman has sold, and actually quite competitive when stacked up against MW2 and Blops (roughly half the sales) when you consider that this is really the first shooter that EA have fully properly backed all the way to go toe to toe with CoD.

      It’s clear that in the last 2 years, EA have really raised brand awareness, and next year, or in 2 years time, could possibly match Activision’s current form.

  4. You can bet 23pence that there will be more DLC on the way
    by the way, can you still get the ‘M1 Gerand’ WW2 rifle on BF3 multiplayer?

  5. Not bad numbers actually. I’m guessing that they’ll be lots of DLC.

    • I’m sure that I read somewhere that EA described their DLC plan for BF3 as “aggressive” lol

      After a shaky/uncertain start, I’m starting to enjoy the mp. Normally I pump for shooters with a sci-fi element (Killzone/Halo/Resistance) over the military themed ones, but this one is starting to sink its claws in slowly :)

  6. Advertising pays off and the hype.

  7. Pretty substantial figures, I’d say they couldn’t have realistically hoped for much better. It’s a bit sad to think this will probably outsell the combined Uncharted 3 and Skyrim sales, and I’m positive I will enjoy both those games more than this.

  8. Well played. No time for anything though as at midnight I will own ‘Drakes on a Plane’…..I cannot wait!

  9. “Drakes on a plane.” that’s quality, Foxhound.

  10. Glad to see its sold well. I’ve played it off and on since Saturday evening and its definately one of the better shooters out there despite the campaign proving very buggy and boring after the first few chapters. Still, my copy will be going back to HMV tomorrow and I’ll be coming home with Uncharted 3 for 2.99 so it was worth the short-term investment :)

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