Battlefield 3 Tops UK Charts

Despite not actually being the all-conquering game EA were hyping it up to be – see our review here – DICE’s first person shooter behemoth Battlefield 3 has entered the UK charts at number one.

The game has already sold more in its first week than every other Battlefield did in the same period, put together.

Batman’s in at number two, with FIFA holding strong in 3.

1. Battlefield 3 (EA)
2. Batman: Arkham City (Warner)
3. FIFA 12 (EA)
4. Football Manager 2012 (Sega)
5. Just Dance 3 (Ubisoft)
6. Forza Motorsport 4 (Microsoft)
7. The Sims 3: Pets (EA)
8. Zumba Fitness (505 Games)
9. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (Activision)
10. Rage (Bethesda)
11. PES 2012 (Konami)
12. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney)
13. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo)
14. Gears of War 3 (Microsoft)
15. F1 2011 (Codemasters)
16. Dead Island (Koch Media)
17. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Square Enix)
18. Kinect Sports: Season Two (Microsoft)
19. Driver: San Francisco (Ubisoft)
20. Wii Music (Nintendo)

We’ll have the multiplayer portion of our review up later today.


  1. Ratchet and clank:all four one is not even on the list anymore :(

    • Whats more surprising is that not a single Sony exclusive is in the charts. Soon to be remedied by Uncharted but what next?

      • It didn’t even hit the top 20.

    • As i mentioned last week, it didn’t exactly come out to a fanfare (at least not where i live).

      The only reason i even knew it was out was because i saw one of my friends playing it. That is all the advertising i have seen for it!

  2. No surprise with BF3, but I’d of thought Kinect Sports 2 would of been higher, was expecting it to at least make the top 10.
    Will be interesting to see which game is top in the next few weeks, my bet is Uncharted next week, then MW3 (with Skyrim #2) and then AC Revelations.

    • I think that once MW3 is out it will likely be top every week, despite great games like Skyrim, AC Revelations and Saints Row 3 out shortly after.

      • True, MW3 will probably be top in January still lol

    • They hyped up BF3 with all the screens/videos and reviews of the PC version and in comparison the console is like a totally different thing. When it comes to graphics, it might look alright in single player but in multi it’s absolute crap, I’d honestly say that BC2 looked better. Half the time I feel as if I was playing without the texture pack. At least the gameplay is going back to it’s roots a bit.

      • Just remember that BC2 was much less detailed and diverse when it comes to the map enviroment – physics, light effects, destruction. I guess it’s about the choice – it may not be the best looking graphics in multi, but due to the engine enhancements we should see more great games in upcoming next gen of consoles.

      • Maybe it’s something with the digital release, because really – playing online feels like I’m playing a game constantly switching between PS2 and PS3 graphics.

      • Thank You! I’m not the only one, even Machinima directors on YouTube say the 360 version is a P.O.S compared to BC2 and MW2.

      • personally i haven’t noticed any difference between the graphics of single and multiplayer, imo the both look great

      • I think it looks fantastic on PS3.

      • I haven’t even played the singleplayer due to the awesomeness of multiplayer, but i have to agree with others here & say that i think that what i have played looks great.

        In response to Devil2k about the texture pack – Are you sure you weren’t playing without it? :)

  3. Excellent news, well done EA. will be interested to see if UC3 can knock it off top spot next week, although being an exclusive it may be a stretch.

    • I don’t know compared to other exclusives, I guess it would be more easier for Uncharted 3 to get No.1.

  4. I see Spyro is slowly creeping up the chart. Id expect that to be quite high nearer Christmas.

    • Spyro climbs, which I thought was awful when I played it at gamefest, but no sign of Disney Universe.

    • That’s getting surprisingly good reviews.
      I’m glad I’m older now- seeing what Pokémon did to my (parent’s) wallet, I shudder to think what an in-form Spyro game with collectables would do.

  5. zumba’s still in there.
    that’s what three copies sold for every man, woman and child in the uk now isn’t it? ^_^

  6. I played a bit of BF3 over the weekend and I was impressed/shocked how much better it is than the beta (given the beta came out so close to the final release date). Awesome visuals, even better sound effects, proper BF gameplay and the server browser is really handy. Little disappointed I have to trade it in Wednesday to get Uncharted3 but I can pick up a pre-owned copy again after xmas now I have an activated online pass I guess :)

    • “given the beta came out so close to the final release date”

      Yeah, but they have also stated that it was two or three months old code – not that everyone wanted to listen to that anyway ;)

  7. Will zumba never die..? Will be interesting to see what the charts look like with all the big hitters coming out soon

    • Depends of humans in the UK, get Necrophilla whatever the zombie disease is namned…

  8. Not really surprised that BF3 came in at number 1. It will be interesting to see how it fare against the behometh that is Call of Duty?

    It will be an interesting month due to the many games that are being released and thus causing wallets to cry.

  9. After becoming ridiculously addicted to BF3’s multiplayer over the weekend, I have to say that I think its top spot is thoroughly deserved. Sure, it may not stay there for long with the other big hitters out soon as well, but I think it’s right it should have its moment of glory.

  10. great game that was always going to get the top spot. I really want uncharted and skyrim to be there along side it soon

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