Teaser Appears On Metal Gear Solid HD Site

A mysterious teaser has appeared on MGS HD Collection’s website.

Andriasang has uncovered the teaser and translated the message that is shown to “Spring Comes to Kojima Productions.”


There is also a date for November 7th so I guess all will be revealed next week.

It looks like blossom or petals are falling in the background as well and the song that plays is called ‘Spring Has Come.’

I’m interested to see what announcement Kojima puts out next week.



  1. Either it is MGS related(although i doubt it as i think the series is pretty much done as they can’t do another prequel as Big Boss’s story has pretty much been covered. A sequel is unlikey as Snake is dead and Raiden is retired. Plus MGS4 wrapped up the series nicely=)

    I wonder if it is a HD remake of MGS1 or the original MG games?

    • Could be an announcment for MGS Rising’s release date.

      • Oh yeah, i had completely forgotten about Rising. I’m a bit concerned that stealth will play a very small part in it though as MGS usually places a lot of focus on stealth.

      • Stealth plays a small part? I heard you could go through the whole game without killing a person. There must be stealth options? Or am I wrong…

    • Unless I’ve forgotten something Snake wasn’t dead at the end of MGS4. Kojima has said they aren’t doing any more games focusing on him but I’m pretty sure he had a little life left in him.

      • Kojima has said that he died six months after MGS4. :)

      • 6 months after… You said it yourself ;)

  2. This is probably the same thing teased for the next issue of the official PlayStation mag too, that was MGS-related. We already know the collection is coming to Vita, so it’s probably not that…who knows.

  3. is peace walker on a separate disc?

    • I believe in Japan they’re seperate, not sure about Europe.

      • ok thx the achievements are out as well.

  4. i hope it’s not a countdown to another countdown.

    Kojima wouldn’t pull that twice would he?
    would he? o_O

  5. Could it finaly be MGS4 Trophies? the pink petals are in the intro of MGS4…fingers crossed, but i think that idea is already dead in the water and it’ll probably never happen ;\

    • The pink petals remind me of the final boss fight in MGS3… or where there white petals? I forgot…

  6. Can I point out that Snake didnt die at the end. It was implied he was gona die soon, there is a chance he could do one final mission. Id happily grasp another MGS sequel.

  7. Another announcement announcement? I really dislike these things, why can’t they contain themselves until next week when they actually have something of substance to show.

  8. maybe its got something to do with the march release of the collection.would be nice for a metal gear solid hd re make instead off just a dlc code for the psn and both the metal gear games.

  9. If it’s on the HD collection part of the site as opposed to the general section of the site, it’s about the HD collection.
    Vita release date?

  10. MGS4 trophies?

    Metal Gear Rising?

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