Finishing Development Of Uncharted 3 In Time Was “Brutal”

Completing the development of Uncharted 3 in time to be ready for the release date was “brutal”, according to members of the development team at Naughty Dog.

The Cinematics Animation Lead Josh Scheer said that the team’s huge ambitions for Uncharted 3 resulted in a lot of additional hours being needed to complete the game in time:


“It was pretty brutal this time around. I mean, there’s always crunch. There’re always people putting in extra hours.

But this time around, just because of the scope and the ambition of the game – even after we had gone back and shortened some things, trimmed some other things – there was just still a lot to do, in the amount of time we had to do it.”

Game Director Justin Richmond added that the addition of extra languages than in previous titles was one of the causes of their problems.

Well we think that all the lost hours of sleep has been well worth it. Read our review here.

Source: Develop



  1. I can imagine it must be pretty stressing

    • Hmm, not sure that’s actually a word. I’ll go with ‘stressful’ instead. :)

    • Stressing

      Firefox didn’t see it as a error, it exists :)

      • Stressing, as in “You’re stressing me out, man!”. I don’t think ‘stressing’ worked in Jakster’s context. :)

  2. Fingers crossed all their labours will be well worth it. I can’t wait for that thud on my front door mat tomorrow!

    • I can’t wait to have money… <.<

  3. The postman better have Uncharted 3 with him tomorrow!!!

  4. I better not ask what i am thinking then i.e can we have more Uncharted games please Naughty Dog lol

  5. I got my UC3 today this morning. Oh man does it feel awesome all your friends going OMG where did you get it.

    I can say that UC3 is amazing, I’ve done 30% of it in 2 hours already. Hope it’s not short as I wasn’t rushing and the beginning of UC3 is pretty awesome tbh.

    • I think it is pretty much the norm now to get it the day before the actual release day when you pre-order online.
      I was pretty jealous though as a few people on my friends list were playing it on Saturday.
      Got mine today though and really enjoying it.

  6. I got it today and you wouldn’t know they rushed it at all, absolutely top quality on all fronts. Without any spoilers, chapter 2 brought a right smile to my face, and the level in the Chateau is one of the best sequences I’ve ever played. Probably beats the train level on U2 for me.

    Can’t wait to get playing it again tomorrow!

    • same chapter 2 was great:) was hard to turn it of last night best game I have played so far this year.

  7. You know nothing of the crunch!

    anyway – super excited to play this. And will become ultra violent to any spoilers, so watch out..

  8. Picking mine up tomorrow, can’t wait. Feel sorry for the guys at ND, but from the reviews I’ve seen it was worth it. I just hope it sells as well as it deserves to…

  9. Damit I have to wait until Friday. Why does it take DHL two days to deliver something from the UK to Germany?

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