New Mario 3D Land TV Ad Brings Mushroom Kingdom To Life

Nintendo has released an incredibly surreal American TV commercial, promoting the release of the upcoming Super Mario 3D Land. The ‘Spikey Balls’ advert puts a young boy in the shoes of the portly plumber as he dashes his way through a Mario level made real:

After seeing all the crazy stuff Mario gets up to placed within a real life scenario, we’ll admit this goomba-stomping, koopa shell-throwing business is perhaps a little trickier than initially thought. Someone should give that plumber a medal.

Source: Youtube


  1. I far prefer “Soo-Nick” to “Marr-ee-oh”!

    I despise the horrendously torn up pronunciations we occasionally see. Ico is “ee-co” not “eye-co”, thank you very much.

    • i always pronounced it eye-co.

      never heard anybody pronounce sonic that way though.

      also i, and everybody i knew, used to pronounce sega as see-ga, at least until the original sonic game came out.

  2. wasn’t that impressed with the advert.

    • Same, bit dull and didn’t look that great.. :/

  3. *does the Mario* OW my %”&! head. :p

    The advert caused me to yawn.:O It is a bit bland and hasn’t there been 3D mario games before?

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