New Trailer for Vita RPG ‘Tales of Innocence R’

A new trailer for Vita RPG, Tales of Innocence R, has been released. The gameplay kicks in at about the 1 minute 17 mark, but not before showing off some lovely cinematics.

It’s due out in Japan at the end of January, and although no release date has been confirmed over here, I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen as we are getting a 3DS ‘Tales’ game.

Source: YouTube



  1. What’s the deal with Japanese titles having a capital letter at the end? Is there a meaning behind it, some code I don’t know about? Or is it just to make it sound more complicated and kewl?

    • In this case, it’s because it’s a remake, Tales of Innocence was a release on the Nintendo DS a few years back. But yeah, I think half the time, Japanese game devs are just pulling names out of a hat to come up with some of these titles!

      • That makes sense, thanks! But, yes, the Japanese have a completly different culture in naming stuff, resulting in some weird (but kinda cool) names and in a lot of cases there’s a capital letter of some sort, maybe they saw how western devs named games with roman numerals and thought it was just for show.

  2. Doesn’t look to bad, thought the vita can produce better graphics than that tho? Kenny the R is on its own its not at the end of the word xD

    • Yes, I get that, but what does it mean? Nothing?!
      Also, the animations aren’t too bad, but overall it isn’t as impressive as other titles. But it’s an early-releasing game on the Vita so we can’t expect all games to look awesome just yet.

  3. Looks decent, im somewhat interested.

    but am i the only one a bit concerned about the amount of RPGs the Vita has already?
    i know the PS3 suffered because it didnot have enough (good) RPGs but this is getting ridicules.

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