Sign Up to PS Plus and Get Free Dinosaurs

Sony has announced that, in the US at least, if you sign up to a one year PS Plus subscription between November 1st and November 8th you’ll get a free download of Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Series (Episodes 1-4).

Check out the game’s trailer below.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Even if I could afford the sub, I don’t think I would want that game lol

  2. Ooh, my 90 dayer just expired, I wonder if I should hold out for a similar UK deal?

  3. Only just re-subbed in September. Thought there was going to be a 20% discount for current subscribers on the game.

  4. Not a bad deal but 3 months free sub was a better deal tbh

    • agreed

    • Same, the reason I subscribe is for the auto downloads and game saves. Not really bothered about the free games (although some I have enjoyed) I would rather have the free months.

  5. kind of short notice, and a short amount of time to take advantage of the offer as well.

    i’d be pissed if i just paid for a year sub then this comes along, and there’s only a week to take advantage of it.
    so if you have to wait till your next pay day, you’re out of luck.

    of course with sony being sony we probably won’t even see this offer outside the us so it won’t affect most ps3 owners.

    • Sadly we are seeing more and more of that at the moment. The offers on the US store lately vastly outweigh the EU store. There has always been some disparity, but things are getting worse.

    • Yesterday, Tesco sold TSA favourite biccies, Custard Creams, with buy on get one free. Today, the deal is no longer valid.


      • i wasn’t really complaining, just saying that it’s kind of annoying how short notice this is, and how little time you have to take advantage of the offer.
        plenty of people are going to miss out on this offer because they weren’t given enough warning and/or they won’t have the funds in time.

        my real complaint is that we’ll probably never even get this offer in europe.

        and custard creams?
        are you crazy? o_O
        jaffa cakes FTW. ^_^

      • Its a bit unfair comparing Custard Creams towards Jaffa Cakes as they’re completely different in design..

        So Oreos > Custard Creams > Jaffa Cakes

        Oh? O.o

    • …but if you re-subscribe again you’ll get the offer and the PS+ sub will be continued for an additional year…

    • Thats criminal, try Asda or Iceland?

  6. That’s the deal I snapped up so now I’m fully subscribed till next December, free Hydrophobia makes up for the loss of no JP just a little.

  7. I’m not bothering with plus anymore. I hardly touched the content. If there’s something I really want then I’ll buy it.

    • Yeah, i’m thinking the same. I try most of the freebies once and then delete them again and from what i’ve already seen of this game it’ll suffer the same fate.

  8. great deal if we get something similar I will get it fan of PS+.

  9. By the way, this is what PS+ US gets in November, I wonder if we’re see the similar amount of PS1 classics, or will we get the short end of stick as usual:

    • Whoa they’re getting every Crash game for free… no fair, haha ^o^

  10. Balls, just re-subbed t’other day.

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