Three More PS2 Games Heading to US PSN

Three new games have been announced for the PS2 section of the US PSN:

Harvest Moon: “Save the Homeland – Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland takes the popular series in a whole new direction, offering a deeper and more robust role-playing experience. It might be best described as a ‘Life Simulation’.”


Raiden III: “Raiden III for PlayStation 2 is a port of the classic arcade shooter, complete with a stage select mode that lets you replay stages once you’ve cleared them. The series has transitioned from its 2D roots to 3D, creating lush environments, devastating explosions and countless enemies, without a drop in frame-rate. Two players can play together to push back the invading forces, just like in the arcade!”

Bloodrayne: “As the vampiric agent BloodRayne, you’ll travel through the eerie swamps of Louisiana, to Argentina and Germany in this battle-heavy, third-person thriller. The game features non-linear gameplay in more than 40 levels and three massive worlds, the ability to suck blood for health, and to use slow-motion, zoom and aura visions to aid in death dealing. Pull off fantastic acrobatic moves to bend the environment to your will and dispatch enemies with BloodRayne’s blades and kicks for awesome in-your-face combat.”

Source: CVG



  1. Good news for the US. Shame it takes so long for licensing and localisation for EU. They’ll get there though. (Eventually)

    • In that case I would rather have Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Bloodlines then. Better neovamp games than bloodrayne anyday

      • Agreed with sould reaver too… Im hoping for hd collection, loved the legacy of kain games

    • Worst action game evar.

      • I really liked Bloodrayne back in the day!

        Dunno whether it would hold up now though…

      • I just played the second which to me was poor so I guess the first is similar. Story doesn’t seem to be exciting, rather have something like Legacy of Kain.

  2. Will they be playable on the psv?

    • They better be… but wouldn’t the biggest and best PS2 games be 7GB unless…. theres some compression, scary

      • There weren’t many games on DVD9 that were really popular and I think the more popular games where on a normal 4GB disc anyway.

  3. Awww man I wanna play Bloodrayne again :(

  4. No to Harvest Moon, spent far to long on that game for no real ending and I don’t want to go back down that time drain.

    • test

    • But its amazing!

    • I know its amazing but there is only so much harvesting and digging for treasure you can do before you think “whats the point”.

    • Really I haven’t played Harvest Moon….. but I’ve seen amazing screenshots, *cough*

  5. i wish they started this when they took out ps2 playback out of the ps3 years ago. but it would be easier if they just put ps2 playback back into a new ps3 so i could play my 70’ish ps2 games. come on sony do it :p

    • I’d like to do that to, save me some having to use a extra plug and Av…

    • Looking at it at their perspective though, Increased build costs and no money coming in from game sales as all PS2 games are pre-owned now anyway. But releasing online they can re sell the games at highly profitable prices as there is no physical material to use.

  6. I just wish they’d release Wipeout 2097/XL as a PS1 classic. I’d snap that up in a jiffy.

  7. bloodrayne was an amazing game… hope it comes to england soon

  8. Not really fussed about any of these if I’m honest. I want dragon quest and that Transformers game developed by Melbourne House. Also Kingdom Hearts, have we heard about them doing a HD re-release of the first two yet? If they chucked in that PSP game it would be a definite buy.

  9. Gradius V please, that’s all – I’ll be happy then, promise.

  10. I haven’t heard of Raiden 3 and barely know that Harvest Moon exists. I wonder if SCEA are trying to get some games that are not known well onto the store. Also when will SCEE upload some PS2 games onto the store?

    I would like to see Half Life 1 and the GTA ps2 series.(I’m not going to list all the games that i would like to see on the store)

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