Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Available on Xbox Live

Namco’s Enslaved: Odyssey To The West is now available on Xbox LIVE’s On Demand service.

Enslaved is currently going for a price of £24.99 on LIVE. I’m not going to hide the fact that I believe Enslaved was one of the best gaming experiences ever and it was a sad day in September when Namco announced there would not be a sequel.


Still, I say play it and enjoy a great story, with great characters and great voice acting.  Dan gave the game an 8, saying that he “agonised over what score to give Enslaved.”

“I desperately want to give it a ten purely for its fantastic story, but a fantastic story does not a good game make – it needs the gameplay to back it up and that’s where Enslaved falls down in places.”

“What we are left with is a flawed masterpiece, but one that you definitely need to play.”

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  1. Such an awesome little game. The PS3 version had waaay too much screen-tearing for my tastes but I had a blast playing through the 360 version and taking in the great storyline

  2. Could this be a sign of Namco testing the waters for a multiplatform spiritual successor?

  3. overpriced like everything else on digital sales.

  4. Meh should be lower and I don’t even believe it would be worth playing, didn’t like the gameplay much

  5. While I agree that this is a game worth playing I do not understand why the story is considered so fantastic. I thought it was enjoyable but pretty linear to be honest.
    25 Pounds sounds a little steep, though.

  6. They sure da

  7. They sure dare to ask a lot for a game that failed in sales.

  8. great game, too expensive to download

  9. 11 quid brand new in Tesco. Still a fantastic game though.

  10. loved this game, its needs a squeal

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