Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Announced

Bethesda has revealed that Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition will be released in February 2012. The Ultimate Edition will include all DLC packs which includes Dead Money, Old World Blues, Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road, Gun Runners’ Arsenal and Courier’s Stash.

The Ultimate Edition also means that the character level cap will be raised up to 50.

Europe will receive the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition on February 10th 2012, while North America gets it 3 days earlier on February 7th 2012. It will be avaliable on PS3, Xbox 360 & PC.

Source: Press Release



  1. Beautiful boxart! :) I’ll stick with my standard edition though. There is more than enough content for me to play through there lol.

  2. Cool – in some shops it’ll probably work out cheaper than the DLC from the PS Store.

    • yeah, that was the case with fallout 3. are they doing a compilation of the DLC on PS Store?

  3. Already have the standard edition, so won’t bother with this I don’t think. I’ll wait for a new fallout game, which will hopefully look as nice as Skyrim. That will be awesome! More than enough to keep me busy in the meantime.

  4. Even though i have the first 3 DLCs, i will probably pick it up just to save HDD space but it won’t be at the top of my list(UC3 and Skyrim have that honour). :)

  5. I’ve passed by the original for £10 many times at ASDA and resisted picking it up. I’ll definitiely nab this eventually.

  6. No doubt that this will be a bargain, but a choice between plying New Vegas or Skyrim and unfortunately my money will be with Skyrim for the momement.

  7. I started to play it on release but couldn’t get into it.
    Strange too as I platinumed F3, this might be worth picking up in the new year :)

  8. Got the standard edition already. I’ll maybe get it mid next year when games are slow.

  9. never bothered with any of the Fallout packs, So I don’t see myself getting the (GOTY) Ultimate Edition as always.

    Now bugs…. F3 apparently had a few issues I believe that further puts me off.

  10. Held back on the standard edition as I knew this would eventually be announced. Will definitely be picking it up when I consider it at a reasonably price ;)

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