NfS: The Run Going All Out For Multiplayer

EA has released a new trailer for the next Need for Speed game. The Run will, of course, feature all the autolog stuff that made Hot Pursuit so compelling. It will also introduce some smart ways to pick from playlists and receive bonuses or penalties.

It all looks very snappy and exciting in this new trailer, and the game itself has played very well in pre-release demos. Are we all excited about another Need for Speed? Maybe this video will help you answer that.



  1. i tried the demo, and it seems almost exactly like the last four or five need for speed games.

    not bad, but been there done that.

    • I played it at eurogamer & can confirm that what i played was exactly that. Looked like NFS, played like NFS.

      Mind you, if that is what you have been waiting for, then you will find a lot to like here.

    • I don’t know, to me Pro Street didn’t feel half as ‘exciting’ as Hot Pursuit. I never bothered with Carbon, if its like HP maybe I should? The almost-out-of-control handling from Shift onwards has really hit the mark, NFS might not be driving sims by a long way but they always seem to get the action film feeling in there.

  2. The unlocking idea seems like a good way to get people into multiplayer straight away. Hot Pursuit was superb, I’m glad Black Box have kept the same feeling to The Runs.

  3. Didn’t get on well with Hot Pursuit. The Run doesn’t look much different. HP just felt like it was missing something…don’t know what though. :/ Still I thought the Autolog and MP was good on it so looks like it will improve of The Run.

  4. Anyone seen the “Unlock a trailer directed by Michael Bay” event on Facebook for NFSTR? Recommended only for people who don’t suffer from motion sickness.

  5. The demo was quite good although i’m wondering how long the full game is as there only seemed to be twelve checkpoints/events along the route on the map.

  6. Played the demo at euro gamer and on my own ps3, its ok. But feels like you are driving through jelly. Its not a buyer for me, but I will rent it.

  7. Wasn’t impressed with the demo, the handling felt like the car was floating above the road with a pivot point at the centre.

  8. The demo was abysmal I thought. Not touching this game with a 10ft barge pole. Terrible handling, sounds, graphics, framerate. Really see no positives.

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