OnLive Gets Exclusive LOTR: War In The North Demo

OnLive users are the first to get access to a Lord of the Ring: War in the North demo, now available in North America and the UK.

Like any other OnLive free trial, you are given the full game in its entirety, though you can only play for a total of 30 minutes, plenty of time to make a solid verdict on Snowblind’s Tolkein-inspired action RPG.


Even with the minimum internet connection requirement of 2Mbps it holds up well.

War in the North is due to launch in the UK on November 25th, with the PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360 and OnLive version releasing simultaneously.



  1. Massive rings fan, so would love to try this.

    • Played about 15 minutes and really enjoyed it. Will probably get it for the PlayStation 3 instead however.

  2. Love LOTR but don’t have onlive, hoping for a psn demo :) and a way to get the full game cheaply when it comes out. Also hoping for it to be better than the shambles of Conquest, least EA aren’t involved this time.

  3. i tried it, it’s actually pretty good.
    it’s not perfect but it seems like an above average action rpg.

    stuff like this is why i’ll keep the onlive app installed, free instant demos.

  4. this will be a new year thing for me Skyrim Saints Row will take up my time. 30 mins for a RPG game seems tiny imo.

    • Well theres hardly any demos for a few RPGs so it would be great to try out the beginning of the game too see if its enjoyable or something, even if its 30 minutes.

      • would still be in the charter screen if it had one after 30 mins :)

      • I agree, thirty mins is almost nothing. If I’d just played 30 mins at the start of fallout 3, I definitely would not have bought that game…

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