New Rainbow Six Outed

Gamestop’s videogame magazine, GameInformer, announced their latest cover-art game reveal yesterday. As has become usual for the US magazine, posting its cover art online has revealed a new game that many were speculating about.

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Patriots won’t actually be released until 2013 but we do know a few juicy details. It’s being made by Ubisoft Montreal, with contributions from Ubisoft Toronto and Red Storm. The single player campaign will be played through the actions of several different characters.

There will be moral decisions to make as you take your squad through the plot, which sees domestic terrorists trying to overthrow a government they see as corrupt.

The game’s logo and GameInformer covers are in the gallery below and we’ll keep you updated with any further info as we get it.

Source: Press Release, GameInformer


  1. I can only see this getting average review scores, when I say average I mean 6-8, good game but loads of a similar quality. Average in terms of the other games around, not in terms of the 10 point review scale. There’s just too many military shooters around these days and they have to do something pretty special to break the mould.

    • I think they might just pull it off. I’m not very fond of the last few iterations of the franchise but one can only hope. :) It’s always better to look at the PS3 controller charged half full!

  2. The early conecpt video looks fantastic, can’t wait to see how it turns out. R6V2 is one of my favourite games of all time, so 2013 couldn’t come soon enough! :D

    • R6V2 was my favourite game too, SinglePlayer/Co-op is addictive when you gain levels and MP is a blast too.

  3. In my opinion the Vegas series trumped COD and BFBC. If not for the somewhat clumsy and brutal online, it would be my favourite shooter.

  4. Excuse me while I get excited. Rainbow Six has always offered a very decent alternative to the other shooters out there. The originals were immense and Vegas 1&2 were superb.

  5. Awesome news. Had a feeling a new one may have been coming. I loved the Vegas series. Such good fun in coop. I hope this new one lives up to my expectations.

  6. R6V2 is just behind Resistance as my favourite shooter out, so I cannot wait for this! But 2013?! That’s ages away!! Last one was out in ’08 :(

  7. Yeah, hope this turn out really good. It certainly looks promising.

  8. Great news, I loved the R6V games (more so than the original PC strategy games).. Been waiting a long time for another one.

  9. I thought the Rainbow Six: Vegas games were great, I loved playing co-op.

  10. The target video had me gripped for the duration and I know many love Vegas so I personally can’t wait for this one.

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