New Trailer Released for Devil May Cry HD Collection

A trailer has been released for the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection, and it features cutscenes from Devil May Cry 1, 2 and the fancy-pants Special Edition of DmC 3.


Source: CapcomChannel



  1. Still not sure if I will be getting this. Capcom have been full of disappointments this gen, and the Resi Evil 4 HD re-release was half arsed in the extreme. I guess I will be waiting for the reviews… And trophy lists ;)

  2. I loved DMC 1 and 2 back in the days but I can’t get myself excited about them anymore… I guess it’s a nice way to catch up for the people who never got to play those games on the original platform.

  3. nothing can fix those awful textures in DMC2.

  4. Poor choice of music. If it turns out to be a good makeover I might buy it as I’ve not played any of these games.

  5. If they give it the proper treatment, i will pick it up as i loved DMC1 &3. 3 is the best in the series imo. =)

    I wonder if they will get the current VA to voice Dante in DMC1 &2?

  6. Aw man, this reminded me just how good a game DMC3 was. Might have to get it just for that… :P

    I traded my PS2 copy just the other day…

  7. Aw canni wait! Can’t wait to play DMC 3 again! :D

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