TSA F1 Championship Round-up – Week 3

This week, The Championship hit Melbourne, a pretty fast circuit but with a pretty tight first corner. This is how we got on:

Group A

A wet qualifying session mixed things up nicely, but that didn’t stop Lee-ma edging a pole ahead of Manorhowze. The real scandal came when AshGraham and James came together towards the end of the session, awarding both a 10 place grid drop! Meaning that almost the entire field was a row forward!

On a dry race day, Lee-ma got of to a stonking start, whilst Manor bogged down, but it was SpikeyMikey who had the best start I’ve ever seen in this game! Starting in 5th, he’d passed Camdaz and Teflon down the middle before the braking zone, and was round the outside of Manor into the first corner. Then disaster struck. A shunt ricocheted its way through the field, pushing Rob into Teflon, into Spikey on the apex of the corner, and I’m sure it affected a few others too.

Coming out of the first corner, and with the mixed up grid, we had a nice and muddled race. Teflon was up in 3rd for a few laps, until AshGraham was able to work his way through the field and dice with him for a few corners. James also made good progress, soon dispossessing Spikey, who had clung on to 4th for the first couple of laps, but slipped back as the race continued.

Lee and Manor were off in the distance, and aside from a single lap when he pitted (prompting Teflon to squeal like a little girl as he was in the lead), Lee held a comfortable and commanding lead for the rest of the race, to register his first win. He also posted the fastest lap, for the Grand Slam of awards. Ash was 3rd, with Teflon just barely holding back James for 4th and 5th respectively. (Cue another girly squeal).

Group B

For the first time in Group B, we were presented with a completely dry race weekend. Qualifying was rather uneventful with gravel traps and corner cuts slowing down or invalidating some of the faster laps although Tonyyeb managed to make it work and secured pole position.

For our first dry race at Melbourne, things were just as action packed. During practice we had not managed to get all the cars through the first corner in one piece so there was a little tension. With Tonyyeb in first, Tomjakes in second and Chuggy in third, KERS played a useful role as Chuggy used all of his to boost into second place for the first corner. At turn two though Tonnyeb and Chuggy both went in too deep causing them to go off track and slightly into the gravel allowing Tomjakes and Spooferbaranabas to pass them both.

Further down the grid Sir_J had been the victim of a shunt up the rear (…of his car) causing him to spin and fall in behind AG2297. After a mini battle he managed to pass him and gain a place only to end up spinning again due to an incident with Death-in-Flamez later in the race, although thankfully he didn’t lose a place overall and managed to finish in 7th with Death-in-Flamez in 8th.

Further up the field, Tonnyeb was battling with Chuggy for third place after Tony had lost his 3rd place position to Chuggy in the second turn of lap one. There was a small collision on their pit lap which caused Chuggy to spin out but, being the gentleman that he is, Tonnyeb slowed down to make sure that Chuggy took his place back. Unfortunately Josh653 suffered a disconnection in the race and AG managed to crash going into the pits (whoopsie!) meaning they both missed out on some points.

I also think it is worth pointing out that Group B has had three different drivers on pole so far and three different winners! As usual, Chuggy has provided us with a great video of his race.

Group C

This weeks race started off problem free with everyone having no connection issues, an improvememt from last week! Qualifying started poorly for myself with a 10 place penalty for apparently blocking cars. I decided to pull in and sit in the pits without completing a time, leaving me free to start the race on fresh tyres. For everyone else it was a close qualifying session with Tom ending up taking pole. I was joined at the back by Kamikaze who got black flagged for trying to wait and stop on track.

The race started spectacularly well for me, I was 6th into turn one and avoided a few incidents and halfway round the lap was 2nd. For others it was not so good, with Origami, Scaramanga, flippin and lenn all having problems on lap 1. Tom had forgotten to change tyres so was easy prey for myself on lap 2, I then pulled out a gap until coming off the track due to inattention, losing 5 seconds. This meant that, as I exited the pits following my stop, I was behind Tom but with fresh options I was able to get past despite some resistance from Tom who unfortunately had a few penalties already.

From here I took it easy to the end taking my third win. Behind things were more frantic with a few more collisions occuring, between Scaramanga and Kamikaze where Kamikaze stopped to let Scaramanga back through and on the final lap between David and Origami. Freezebug drove a clean if slightly refrained race which left him in 2nd following Tom’s penalties and Scaramanga recovered to third putting in a strong drive after his earlier incidents.

Tom had received a penalty for lapping a car which was parked at the side of the road so with this taken off he finished in 4th with beelzie returning to take 5th and flippin revovering for 6th.

The fastest lap of the race was set by Jambo with a 1.20.101.

Remember you can catch up on the results tables in the forums over here and take a look at the videos recorded from our drivers over here. You can also see the current results tables over on the next page.

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  1. There were quite a few on Sunday that were affected at the first corner, I went from 3rd/4th to second last but these things happen.
    Even the F1 pros get it wrong some of the time. Well with Massa and Hamilton I would say most of the time.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed round 3. same I got DSQ on lap 11 but up untill then, was having good battles. Its never fun when your racing and theres no competition near you

  3. Yeah mine was a DNF for Melbourne Jambo. Was a lap behind and when you crossed the line at the end the timer came up. When I past the line it just brought me to the end race screen :(

  4. Scara was third in the end! Two laps before the end he was down at the back trying to pass me. Great drive from him. Well done Jambo on the win too

  5. Refrained indeed, pussyfootying would probably describe it better :P
    Looking forward to Monza but not Silverstone, never been able to get to grips with that track!!

  6. Oh AG, you’ve made me blush… :)

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