What We Played #25: Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Football Manager 2012

I don’t think that I’m going out on a limb by suggesting that most of you will have been playing in the sand this week whether you’ve been hunting treasure or nukes. Kris has just this week finally got a PS3 so he’s joined the throng playing Uncharted.

He’s not playing the sandy one though. Nor is he playing the snowy one. He’s gone all the way back to start at the jungle-y beginning of the tale (if you don’t count the out-of-sequence The Eye of Indra “motion comic”) with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.


I’ve only played the first hour or so (probably even less than that), but it’s alright. I mean so far it isn’t great and feels a lot like Tomb Raider. As well as that the controls are sort of floaty (I probably just need to adjust the sensitivity) and the cover mechanic is weak. I’m willing to forgive these somewhat in a four year old game though, and hopefully it will get better as I get into it. I’m told Drake’s second outing is much better though, so looking forward to that.

[drop2]I’m somewhat jealous of Kris knowing the gaming joy that he’s to encounter as he plays through the Uncharted games in rapid succession, not having to wait a couple of years between each one. But not as jealous as I am of Peter who’s been playing a soon-to-be-released fantasy RPG epic that he can’t tell us about yet.

What he can tell us about is Football Manager 2012. He tells me that he’s found a lot of little improvements that are making this latest iteration much more accessible than previous versions. He notes that there are “new interactions with individuals and the team talks are much more nuanced”, before concluding, “I love it a lot”. High praise that may have counted for more had he not then disappeared back behind closed doors for some more fantastical adventuring.

I hope you’re all sitting down as I have some surprising news… Toby has not been playing FIFA this week. I’m speechless so I will let him tell you what he has been playing.

I have shredded my way through a rented copy of Battlefield 3, and have been left thoroughly disappointed by the experience. The tank assault and sprint through Paris were personal highlights, but I just felt that it lost what made Battlefield: Bad Company and the sequel unique; emphasis on destruction. By attempting to emulate Call of Duty, Battlefield has fallen flat on it’s face, and now I just wish my rental copy would allow me to give the multiplayer a go!

I myself have been playing some of Battlefield’s campaign, in between my usual Gears of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 sessions, and while the game does look and sound stunning, like Toby I am finding that the game’s brilliant highs are in danger of being overwhelmed by what is otherwise a curiously empty and unfulfilling experience. I can’t adequately explain why either. I’ll give the multiplayer a go when I get a chance; hopefully I won’t be the only noob left on the servers by then.

[drop]Aran is still playing Batman: Arkham City and Oblivion. Despite having completed the main story in Batman he’s finding the City compelling enough to keep him going back to hunt high and low for the remaining Riddler’s trophies “and occasionally attacking prisoners”. With the agme’s Challenge Mode still untried too there’s still a good few hours worth caped crusading left to do.

His award for Oblivion Glitch of the Week goes to “a character who decided to fly across the room for no reason”. “I also killed a man for his his bed”, he reveals, “because I’ve become a bit evil for some reason”. His primary justification being that “some of the characters are just easy to get annoyed at”. I imagine that’s how many serial killers get started…

The only one of us that has been playing Nate’s latest is Jim. When he hasn’t been running up and down sand dunes in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception he’s also been playing House of the Dead: Overkill and “getting my hide handed to me” by Cave Story 3D. He admits to not being a particular fan of retro sidescrollers but despite it not being his cup of tea he acknowledges that it is “quite a good game”.

He’s also got DanceStar Party for his nine year-old sister. Allegedly. Apparently she says the game is

a great use of Sony’s motion tech; the dance genre should have been tapped into last year. There’s plenty of songs to stumble your way through, and presentation is spot on. The social functionality isn’t likely to draw in the more casual gamer, though there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Maybe we should get her reviewing games instead of Jim?

With the more notable recent releases giving you the option to play in sand and/or water and a couple of reasons to dust off your PS Moves what have you been playing?



  1. Not much this week – reached over 100,000 kills on MW2; did some Platinum grinded towards Dead Island; reluctantly handed over Uncharted 3 to the wife to save for Christmas.

    And obviously some BF3. I love the single player, although the MP for me isn’t amazing – full of campers; can’t quit game until started the next game (WTF!?!); and you can’t change the load-out of the Russian until you’re in-game; and no stats to see how many gun kills I’m away from my next weapon attachment; lack of game modes. Otherwise it’s pretty enjoyable!

  2. I too have been playing alpt of these games.

    Battlefield online is fantastic despite me being rubbish. Finished the campaign and apart from being short I feel it was harshly treated in most reviews. I enjoyed.

    Im on Chapter 17 on Uncharted 3. Not as polished as U2 but looks amazing and the story is great. Alot harder than the previous 2 aswell. Crushing could be a challenge. Anyone else having problems with the sound going off?

    and FM2012….anothr improvement on the best management sim around. I will no doubt put another 150hours oer the next year. I might even have some success with Sunderland for once

  3. I have collected 151 trophies
    Played Batman: Arkham City just challenges only and already got 400 Riddles done!
    Then it was Battlefield which I completed in a day (7/8hrs on hard) then it was just playing Multiplayer. I haven’t tried Co-op yet!!!
    Played Uncharted: Drake’s Deception to death lol got the Platinum last night and it’s by far the greatest Uncharted game there is. Looking forward to play Co-op with a few TSA and hopefully on Crushing difficulty ^^
    Also Platinum Resistance 3 last night – still a fun great campaign game.
    Also messed about on NFS: Shift 2, Homefront (Multiplayer) and Madden NFL 12 (Franchise Mode)
    Tonight will be Madden NFL 12, Homefront and Battlefield 3

    Also I have created 2 Meets – Mortal Kombat at 8pm and Crysis 2 at 10 pm on Tuesday, feel free to sign up ^^

    Peter please give me SKYRIM now Thank You!

    Next week my whole focus will be Modern Warfare 3!

    • That is an awesome trophy run lol! Grats on getting the Plat on U3 already. How tricky is Crushing this time around? I heard its easier but I’ve found some arsey bits so far even on normal lol.

      • Very Hard especially on certain levels that will require skill and LUCK lol
        I cannot remmeber is the 3rd is alot harder than the other 2!

      • Ahh ok, yeah I’ve got that impression so far, particularly the boat levels :| Still, got to love a challenge right? :)

        I found Uncharted2 very easy on Crushing but ‘Charted1 was an absolute bitch at times lol. I’ll be shocked if ‘3 is as hard as the first game!!!

    • @ Crazy Del.

      You do know that thing on your wall people call a window isnt just a picture, the things in it actually exist and you can interact with them! :D Seriously dude, I’d call that an unhealthy amount of gaming…. :)

      Personally I rented BF3 and managed about 2 1/2 hrs before getting utterly sick of it, and some UC3 which is so far so good. Don’t think it flows quite as well as the other two tho, seems to be quite a bit of guess work involed at times.

      Oh and is it just me, or does down on the d-pad to reload not work?

      • Oh yeah.. and ‘Infamous Blood thingy’ thats pretty cool too…:)

      • The window is all boarded up mate…..

  4. Hey,just because my character is now a member of the Dark Brotherhood doesn’t mean I’m starting out as a serial killer…

    Now, where’s that knife?

  5. Just a bit of Motorstorm on Monday & a bit of BF3 & Batman for me this week. Only for about an hour or two at a time though.

    Just can’t seem to find the time for it these days.

    • Finished Uncharted 3 which is brilliant although I thought that the ending could really feature the 2 supporting characters who suddenly disappeared midway into the game.

      Also racked up a lot of kills in BF3 which I think is alright gameplay wise for a BF game, but looks really weak graphically on open maps, also there’s a lot of lag and voice communication issues.

      • And that totally wasn’t meant to be a response to your post mate, sorry :D

      • It’s ok – It kinda makes sense in a roundabout way as i mentioned BF3 as did you.

        If i took that reference away though, i am afraid that you would be stranded in irrelevance city! XD

  6. Killzone 3. Obv.

  7. Clocked Arkham, wanted to go and do new game + but my save file corrupted and then Uncharted turned up, been playing that in every spare minute I’ve had since Tuesday.

  8. Uncharted 3 and Gemini Rue. I didn’t think another game would actually force me away from UC3, but Gemini Rue is just fantastic, especially for an old school adventure game fan like myself.

  9. Mostly House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut this week, which I recommend to anyone who has a Move controller and enjoys rail shooters.
    Aside from that, I’ve played a few PSN games here and there … Pixeljunk Sidescroller, Beat Hazard Ultra, Worms Crazy Golf and Okabu (which I bought before I saw TSA’s review, although I’ve not had any issues with it yet but I’ve only played through the first 5 levels).

  10. I started Assassin’s Creed 2 a while after playing through the first game (which I picked up cheap right before AC2 came out) and put the game down after 2-3 hours because at the time it felt like too much of the same formula. So after finishing Deus Ex: Human Revolution I decided to finish some unfinished games until UC3 came, starting with AC2 (which turned out to be quite enjoyable after the long break).
    Then went on and finished Red Faction: Armageddon after putting the game down literally 30 minutes before the credits start rolling and I had the game since the launch…
    After that went back to Batman Arkham Asylum which managed to infuriate me even more after the let down that it was when I started playing it a few month ago because the controls felt worse than they did before the break and I finally found out how to open vents that are out of Batman’s reach (I know, pathetic… I blame the game…).
    So I was glad Uncharted 3 came in the mail to give me a reason to stop playing Batman again.
    After TSA’s glorious this-is-the-single-greatest-game-you-will-ever-experience (slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect) review I must say I feel slightly undewhelmed by the game after the first 30-60 minutes. The graphics aren’t what I expected them to be after all the hype. They aren’t bad but nothing really jaw dropping either. Maybe the sandy bits look nicer than what I’ve seen in the first few chapters. After playing Deus Ex and Assassin’s Creed taking cover and climbing feels very clunky as does running around in the game in general. What I do like is the amount of detail Naughty Dog has implemented in the game. I love the way Drake takes a few steps backwards before turning around to walk in that direction. It feels very natural and realistic, which is the opposite of what it looks and feels like when he climbs along a ledge or a rope… Anyways, I can’t wait to get back to it tonight… :D

    • Uncharted 3 definately takes a while to get going. You barely fire a bullet for the first 5 chapters. From there on in though it gets amazing :D

      • That’s what I’m hoping for. I also hope the other chapters are a litte longer… :P

      • Well my first playthrough took a little over 10 hours on normal and there are over 20 chapters if tht gives you a better idea :)

      • Thanks. This does ease the mind a little!

    • The controls were giving me a bit of a problem while platforming as well (like not jumping in the right direction etc) which I think is really weird since Naughty Dog developed such classics as Crash Bandicoot or Jak & Daxter.

      • Yes, at least the load times are practically non existent when you die so you can get right back into the action. :)

      • One thing you will almost definately want to do if you have played a ‘charted game before is knock the aiming sensitivity up a bit. It felt like Drake was moving in slo-mo until I made that tweak lol.

      • I have to see how it feels after firing a few more shots. So far I haven’t really had the chance to do it. I usually have a pretty low sensitivity but aiming did feel a little slow so far.

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