BBFC Defends MW3 London Level, Daily Mail Ignores

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) have released their classification for Modern Warfare 3 which, as you would expect, is an 18 for strong bloody battle violence.

One section of the game takes place on a fictional version of the London Underground and David Cooke, director of the BBFC, has made the following statement.


In reaching its decision the BBFC has given careful consideration both to the depiction of action on the Underground and elsewhere in London and the context in which that action takes place.

The game neither draws upon nor resembles real terrorist attacks on the Underground.

Let’s just read that last line again, “The game neither draws upon nor resembles real terrorist attacks on the Underground”.

So why has the Daily Mail peppered their report “Call Of Duty computer game featuring 7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks approved by censors” with pictures from the terrorist bombings in London?

Source: BBFC / Daily Mail



  1. “So why has the Daily Mail peppered their report “Call Of Duty computer game featuring 7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks approved by censors” with pictures from the terrorist bombings in London?”

    Because it’s damned close enough?

    • Have you played the game?

    • “The game neither draws upon nor resembles real terrorist attacks on the Underground”.

    • must say I’m a bit confused. This trailer (attached above from nofi) is nothing like 7/7. Its a train derailing. More like the Potters Bar incident, but there was no bomb that I could see of? Also what does bomb-style mean? The events in MW3 are completely fictional and nothing like it has happened in real life. COD2, 3, WAW are based on REAL events and events where REAL people died. Why is there more uproar about fictional events that have never happened compared to REAL events that did happen?

      • Because they happened a long time ago and people have short memories.

        Not saying this is right, but it’s the way it is.

      • Easy Stony, that’s too much logic and reason for this place to handle when it comes to CoD!

      • Same. I thought in the MW3 trailer that a van caused the train to de-rail, not a bomb – but don’t know for sure. We can’t never have a building collapse or plane crashing because of 9/11. I still can’t beleive Motorstorm was banned in Japan because of the Earthquake, seems crazy.

      • London Terrorist bombings: Bloke walks on to train with Rucksack packed with explosives, blows him and the train up.

        MW3: Armed jeeps race through the underground (Clearly fictional as you cant get a frickin Jeep down there, the tunnels arent big enough) and derails a train with a rocket launcher.

        The only common element is a train blowing up, the context is completely different.

        I blew a train up in Renegade Ops last night, why arent the Daily Mail complaining about that?

      • Actually Tuffcub, I hear the editor is reviewing the article as we speak.

    • That would be the same Daily Mail that produced this a couple of weeks back

  2. Surprised they haven’t mentioned that other MW3 clip was doing the rounds last week.

  3. Because they know the majority of Daily Mail readers will never play the game so will believe whatever tripe they print?

  4. Because it’s the Daily Mail and they like to slander gaming whenever possible.
    I’ll make my own mind up on the CoD furore when I get round to playing it, which will be in quite a while thanks to Uncharted 3 keeping my busy :)

  5. This must count for several votes for Team Adam?

    • Results coming tomorrow.. veh interesting.

      • I look forward to it. In my opinion some of the people who were against it had pretty shallow reasons, or were at least OTT about it. I might be being cynical but I couldn’t help but feel some were jumping on the bandwaggon as CoD seems to get a lot of stick, same as people hate Man Utd for being successful. I will state that I could be totally wrong, and they genuinely thought it was too much – before I get accused of being a fanboy, and not for the first time.

  6. For once, and i mean for once, i kinda see where they are coming from. There is a level that resembles the 7/7 bombings. If you put a picture from that level next to a 7/7 picture, i think it would be very close.


    Although i’m surprised that they haven’t mentioned the child murder. :O

  7. As if anyone expects impartiality from the daily mail

  8. Because they’re like tampons, i.e. Stuck up bitches.

    • Just a qiuck note; not trying to be offensive here, just lightheated.

      • Haha – Love how you felt the need to clarify! :)

        Although ‘stuck up Tw**s’ might have been better! :P

    • Wonderfully blunt! Got a laugh out of me for sure :)

    • Yes! and hilarious.. :)

  9. To be fair, if they dared to show a building in America being blown up they would be slated for similarity to 11/9. So i don’t see why they shouldn’t be slated for blowing up a London Underground train. We all know they only did it for media attention, though.

    • From what I’ve seen in trailers there ARE NYC buildings destroyed during WWIII. It’s just nothing like the 9/11 atrocities so people are not making the connection.

      • You can fly a plane in to a skyscraper in New York in that recently released jet fighter game. OMG!

      • Still a weird descission to have the train attack in London and the exploding building in the USA. It’s as if they are trying to gain headlines with controversity…

      • Not sure how you execute an attack on NYC without blowing up a skyscraper. Place is riddled with them.

      • You could as well do an attack on the subway in NY and blow up a building in London, thus avoiding similarities to similar attacks in those cities.

    • Exactly. Controversy sells.

    • Activision are onto a good thing with this free advertising,i wholly expect America to be terrorized in Mw4.
      The Americans were after all the bad guys in Mw2 and did get nuked by Billy Murray(injurylawyers4you/the Bill).

  10. I’ve seen this London Underground bit of MW3 played through (although with a “in the interest of time” thing so not the entire level) and it is a car chase through the underground chasing the train, as it looks to be in the trailer, rather than a terrorist attack mimicking 7/7.

    It’s actually a really good level too, seeing the passengers waiting in the stations to get on the trains staring in shock as you drive down the tracks in a vehicle was a real nice touch.

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