New BioWare Game Teased

BioWare has allowed a teaser image for its next, as yet unannounced, game free onto the internet. The image, which some bizarrely presumptuous pundits have claimed is “Uncharted-esque” shows an unfortunate gent being ejected out of a utility vehicle in the desert. Y’know, just like Drake. Spooky, isn’t it?

Nothing much else is known about the game except that it will be formally unveiled at the VGAs next month. That two-hour trailer package that they have the nerve to interrupt with an award or two is due to screen on the internet and Spike TV on the 10th of December at 8PM EST, that’s about 1AM on the 11th in the UK, if my terrible mental arithmetic is worth believing.


Here’s the image of Uncharted: Wacky Racers BioWare’s next big unveil.

Source: GameInformer



  1. Bioware making a game with a modern-day setting? Colour me interested, guess I’ll have to stay up late to watch the VGA’s this year aswell… rats!

  2. “Uncharted: Wacky Racers” Hahaha. Now THAT’S comedy. On topic, could be concept art for a particularly hairy moment in the game. I can’t imagine Bioware would go into making racing games. That’s like Evolution studio making an FPS.

  3. Uncharted Wacky Racers. MUST HAPPEN NOW

    • Well, we all know Naughty Dog’s typical cycle:
      3 games and a kart racer, before a new IP…

      • CBR was amazing!

      • Yep, thats how it’s always been, i have a split opinion over weather it happens with uncharted though, part of me thinks it would be hilarious, and part of me just wants to cut the crap and see what awesome they throw at us next..

  4. Seems more likely to be something like Rage if it’s going to involve vehicles.

  5. Will it have fantasy creatures?

  6. Hmm Dragon Age 3? I’m sure that’s a Ferelden license plate ;)
    The screenshot doesn’t look like a BioWare game at all.

  7. Not going to bother speculating, but the screen looks awesome…

  8. Doesnt really give much away does it.

  9. Meh. Bioware need to learn that what they are good at is making RPG’s, they need to stop trying to shoehorn shitty third person shooter mechanics and apparent vehicle based shenanigans into their games just to try to appeal to a wider audience. You have your market Bioware so bloody well keep them happy. If this isn’t an RPG you can most likely count me out.

  10. Head on collision? Demolition Derby gets a HD remake!!!!

    • Weren’t the games calles Destruction Derby? Loved the second one but it seemed to be bugged because every time I was the last one standing in an arena match I just got a Game Over screen without unlocking any other stages…

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