Warner Bros Cuts Staff In Washington State

Warner Bros have cut around 60 staff after a financial review. The news was broken by George Broussard, President of 3D Realms, via Twitter saying:

‘Tis the season. Warner Brothers Games lays off 60ish across multiple Seattle studios. Good luck, guys.”

The studios that Warner Bros own in the area include Monolith Studios, Snowblind Studios and Surreal Studios. Warner Bros has not confirmed which studios have been affected, however, the company did release a statement saying:


“As part of the continual review of our business operations and fluctuating market conditions, we have had to make reductions in our WB Games Seattle workforce.”

It’s a sad day when people are made redundant and if there is an update on which studios have been affected we’ll let you know.

Source: Develop



  1. 10 bucks that piracy is to blame


  2. Why are they always so vague, can’t they just say which studios? It seems stupid to me. Hope those laid off can get new work though. Always bad to hear.

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