WeView Verdict: Singularity

Last week’s WeView was singularly direct in its approach. We wanted to single out what you thought about a single title. With singular dedication, you left your mini reviews over on a single forum thread. Perhaps we should have asked you to sing them. Oh, that one wasn’t right.

[drop2]Overall, reactions to it were positive, with many recommendations. I think cam_manutd summed up my own thoughts on the game’s absence from most people’s radars with this line from his review: “Every so often you get a game from a behemoth of a publisher and despite its clear quality, it is not marketed properly and often falls by the wayside”

He also noted that, in spite of a couple of minor grievances with a weak plot and no level select after completion “this is one of those games that could, and bloody well should, have been talked about by everyone – like Battlefield 3 is at the moment”


There was a mammoth review from ico (we do ask for just a couple of paragraphs!) in which he noted a rather bland colour palette and some frustrating early combat but aside from those niggles, he was extremely positive about it, stating that “In short, it’s a must”.

In fact, we usually try to find a bit of balance with a title but there really wasn’t anyone who criticised Raven’s story-driven time travelling shoot-a-thon too strongly. Here’s a few more choice quotes:

TheDeathAvenger said: “Quite simply Singularity is one of the most enjoyable games I have played this year and one of the few that I have played right through to the end without being enticed away by another game. It’s a shooter that mixes things up with some fun and interesting weapons, as well as an increasing amount of cool and useful powers.”

coruscant said: “The story is very different from most modern shooters and several time-related mechanics, such as the TMD, the Seeker gun and the time-slowing sniper rifle all make it stand out from the pack.”

Forrest_01 said it was like Bioshock meets Back to the Future before extolling the virtues of the multiplayer side of the game (there’s a regular TSA Meet for it). His was another lengthy review that was full of praise.

One or two people did mention that the graphics perhaps needed a bit of a touch up, with posem and coruscant both making that point. Although others seemed to like the Unreal powered visuals so perhaps we’ve found the one area of the game that people have a mild disagreement about.

I think this might have been one of the most positive WeViews we’ve ever seen, it seems that it’s difficult to find anyone with any serious issue with this game. With its bargain price tag taken into consideration, it was seemingly impossible for anyone to return a verdict other than Buy It.

There were eleven of you who left us reviews in the forum and every single one of you either explicitly said Buy It, or your review indicated that you would highly recommend it (don’t forget to include your verdict in the reviews!). That’s high praise indeed for a game that Activision’s marketing department seemed to have forgotten about.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a new game for you to pass judgement on. Thanks to everyone who contributed!



  1. I’m glad I bought it then! ;D
    Yeah, I see the Bioshock comparisons.

  2. I think RUSE should be future WeView.

  3. Brilliant game

    • how FPS’ should be.

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought of it as well. This is what I expect of a single player FPS. Not the crap we get with CoD.

      • Yeah, it sounds really good. Is the SP a decent length?

  4. I love how you managed to get a 5 word quote from Ico’s wall of text haha!! :D

    • I know… it was that or just post the whole bloody thing!

      • I’ll take my 5 words of fame! Thanks kindly. Seriously though I’m glad it seems to have received a positive buy it vibe. I’ve still not been blindsided by a dark horse title to that degree since then.

  5. my first contribution to a WeView article :D

  6. So there you have it – Proof that if marketed properly, Singularity could have been a bit of a sleeper hit for them.

    As it stands now though, it’s just left to people to consider giving it a punt for its low price.

    A second game would of course be appreciated, but it’ll never happen, as this one wasn’t a commercial success. Mainly because it wasn’t marketed properly (or at all!).

  7. I really should be this but its low down on a very long list

    • might get it for the seXbox…that list is much shorter

      • just because it has a red ring of death, doesn’t mean you have to stick it in there

  8. I really dig these weekly articles :)

    Shame about the game as its so good but with the likes of COD, BF and anything else it just didn’t get the word out enough.

    The articles have also given me the chance to practice writing and I am the admin at Jugaccino :D

  9. Wow, great responses of the game. Been really tempted to pick this up when I see it, dirt cheap these days too. Seems most WeViews are positive, fallout next week (new vegas ;))

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