Call Of Duty: MW3 Reviews Roll In

Peter’s currently playing through Activision’s latest to get you our own review, but in the meantime the general review embargo has lifted and the first set of thousand word appraisals are in.

And yes, they’re super positive, although, let’s be honest, the initial run of Battlefield 3 reviews were equally glowing…


“For the most part,” say Eurogamer, “Infinity Ward has done its usual ruthlessly efficient and highly polished job of retooling Hollywood trailer moments into interactive vignettes.”

“Wherever Call Of Duty goes from here,” says Edge, “Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare trilogy stands as this generation’s defining FPS series – and Modern Warfare 3 is an emphatic, feature-packed and sometimes stunning final act.”

Sounds smashing.



  1. Great scores – should be here today, then I have Thurs & Fri booked off to play!!

    • I don’t agree. I think its actually disgraceful that a game like this, with an RRP of £54.99, has a campaign that lasts only 5 hours at best. I’m sending my copy back, ridiculous.

      • Fair enough, they can’t please everyone, for me (although I enjoy the SP) I will spend MANY hours with the multiplayer so it’s well worth it. Plus, not sure I’ve ever payed the full RRP of a game – if you read the article yesterday there were some bloody good deals, some around £36 or lower if you bought shopping or a PSN/XBL card.

      • 8hrs on Veteran it took me and over an hour on Special Ops but not completed so there’s still some Special Ops left for me to do and Survivor aswell (A new game mode added)

      • LOL haven’t you played a CoD before? They’re all like that.

      • Yeah, Spec Ops on MW2 was brillant – very satisfying on Veteran co-op.

        Looking forward to Survivor too, nice to have a hoard/round based game WITHOUT zombies! :)

        Both should add time and value.

        I’m sure the score represents the whole game, not just the SP.

      • I’ve played them all and even though I thought MW2 was short, this is ALOT shorter. It’s actually worrying, what have the single player team been doing for two years?

      • Ah right. I remember MW2 was short, and black ops was about 5 hours long too, but that one seemed like 50 hours since it was so boring.

      • Maybe you should try Veteran?

      • Veteran only increases the length of the game because of the ease of death. There’s nothing more to it.

      • Isn’t that the idea, so you have to make better decisions and be more careful. Since you’re obviously completing it pretty quickly, it would represent more of a challenge. It’s a shame that it’s short but as long as I enjoy it I don’t mind too much.

      • Has anybody ever purchased a game at full RRP, I am bored of hearing this meaningless argument.

      • Maybe not in the UK, but in Belgium plenty of shops sell games at RRP & plenty of idjuts buy it at that price.

      • I’m not a fan of the “play it on eat-babies-for-breakfast-difficulty to get more game time out of it” argument. A 5 hour long campaign has weaksauce written all over it for a AAA title that has been 2 years in the making. However I don’t understand why it seems impossible to create a gripping FPS that has a decent campaign with a decent length. Why not go the MAG route and just release a MP game instead of doing a half assed job with the SP.
        This is my general opinion, not just talking about CoD here.

      • So you think they should just release a “half-arsed” MP experience like MAG then?

        COD is all about the MP, but they tack on an SP campaign so that players who either can’t or wont play online have a reason to buy it as well.

        Everyone know what to expect from a COD game TBH. Bitching about a short SP campaign is pointless.

      • Perhaps a solution would be for them to release the single player section as a cheaper (£20?) download for those of us who just can’t be bothered with COD’s player base. I’d be interested to have a look at the SP, but COD’s take on head-to-head holds no interest for me. As that is the games main selling point and largest portion (in terms of longevity), it prices itself out of the market for me on the grounds that I wouldn’t ever use the majority of the product.

        It’s not even as if it’ll drop into that golden sub £20 price band that makes it worth the punt for me as both brand new and pre-owned copies hold their value until the following iteration of COD arrives. Can’t help but feel that the solution I suggested may be worth investigating by Devco’s/publishers as I’m sure I’m not alone in my abstinence on this and that they could increase their profits in a reasonable fashion for minimal cost and without ripping off or alienating customers through prohibitive and draconian schemes for a change.

      • No, what I’m saying is they should just release a MP CoD if they don’t care about the SP experience. They are obviously not spending much dev time on the campaign anyways.

      • As much as I know what you mean about the SP there is no reason for Activision to change anything, after all it is the biggest entertainment franchise there is.

        Saying that though, as a gamer and COD fan I do think they are going to have to freshen things up for next year or this could be my last purchase this gen.

  2. Really hope my copy arrives today… I bet it won’t.

  3. Jusr more the same then?

    • Yep, only better. Great news.

  4. My copy will be arriving today. Roll on 5:30pm

    • Haven’t seen you on BF3 much Mikey, are you switching allegiances then? (I am temporarily…)

      • Its been a really busy few weeks so haven’t had a great deal of time. Managed to sink a good few hours into BF3. then Uncharted 3, and now MW3. I’m a big fan of IW & Modern Warfare and always spend a lot more time playing their games than anything else…. so yeah, you’ll be seeing me on MW3…. a lot lol ;)

      • What’s your PSN Mikey – and I owe you for the £8 saving on my Hardened Edition, ta :)

      • no worries fella, its my TSA ID also. I’m not home until 5.30pm so i’ll accept when I get back ;)

      • Fair enough Mikey, will be on MW3 from about 6:30 tonight so you might find me on your team at some point.

        Saving UC3 for X-Mas TBH, finished UC2 in a weekend so might just be a rental for the SP for me. Have my MP hands full ATM.


  5. Should have my copy arrive today. Fortunately the Mrs is working from home today so she can text me if/when it turns up :D As good as the BF3 multiplayer was, this is definately going to be the better game imo simply because of the actually decent single player and all the co-op extras like spec ops and survival. Cannot wait :D

    • Same – I told my wife to work from home today so she’s in when it (hopefully) arrives! I’m waiting for a text :)

      • They have their uses :) do you know if the co-op stuff is 4 player this time btw? If so do you fancy some games this week? My brother-in-law and I are planning on being online every night lol.

      • Indeed, bless them. Spec Ops and Survivor is all just 2-player again. After I’ve put my son to bed I’ll be on MP most nights this week so if you fancy a game add me (PSN ID is “Youles”)


      • Sweet. Mine arrived at 10.30 this morning apparently :D Damn its gunna be a long day at work lol…

      • Cool, no sign of mine yet but 2 lots of the pre-order “Intel” has arrived, so that’s 8 hours of double XP instead of 4! :)

    • Can’t argue with opinion but it’s funny when people know something will be definitely better before actually trying it…

      • To be fair, I played quite a bit of it at the Eurogamer Expo this year :)

      • I suspected this much but my point was more in general. So many people who claim their favourite game is better before it even comes out. :)

  6. Mine should be at home when I get in, I hope it’s good but I have a sneaking feeling that once the story is done and so is the co-op it will be getting traded in, it was the same with MW2 I just prefered the multiplayer from MAG at the time and i’m currently loving BF3 for the same reason CoD multiplay is just run and gun and i prefer more depth. I could be wrong and i hope i am.

    • Nope, it’s going to be exactly the same run and gun MP gameplay that everyone either loves or hates.

      I play COd and BF games and have bought MW3 and BF3 to enjoy both depending on my mood and what friends I have online.

      • IMO i think BF3 edges it a little with the jets, choppers ect. We will see.

      • Assuming you can fly them…

        Both have their strengths and weaknesses, just glad I can afford both.

  7. You took quotes from Edge and Eurogamer…. the most divisive review sites…. *sharp intake of breath*

    • euro gamer is one of the harshest review sites known to man..
      even if the game was perfect those chaps would find something wrong!

  8. Has anything radically changed from the last one? If it hasn’t then I know to save my money. Mw2 is one of the few games I haven’t finished in the last few years and I don’t play online.

    • Yeah for those of us who don’t particularly like playing competitively online these games are exercises in mediocrity. Seriously doubt I will ever get this, I’ve never bothered to buy any other MW’s.

    • If you don’t play online, don’t get it.

  9. modern warfare 2.5 then
    cool much of what we come to expect from the call of duty series..

  10. It’s one of the few occasions nowadays where I know exactly how I feel about a game without even have to play it. I’ll pick it up eventually but I’m honestly in no rush.

    • There is not much change. same point n shoot mechanics, quicktime events and set pieces. It feels like your watching more than participating.

    • Me too, maybe save it for a slow period if ever…

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